Newborn Newbie - Please help!

Thanks for all the responses and tips everyone. I appreciate it. I have been tooling around and learning some things. However I'm beginning to suspect that the folks that installed Manjaro for me did not test it out and see that all was working properly. I'm getting a lot of error messages and locking up. In fairness my computer is several years old and just may not be able to handle it. I can't even get the first package of updates to install. It gets so far and locks up. So not only am I dealing with my ignorance of the system, the system is not working properly. Sigh. I'll keep on slogging. Thanks everyone.

Thanks yotties.
When I try to install the updates it goes for a bit then I get some error messages and ultimately it just locks up. Something about checking keys???
Libre office wasn't installed as the tech said it would be. There is another one called Calibre installed? It works fine, but we were actually hoping to install OpenOffice because we already have many files created in it. They may convert to Calibre. Haven't tried it yet.
As for the printer. Same problem as the updates. I can't get anything to install.
I'm getting a message on start up that says "Do you really want to remove Pacman's transaction lock file?" I don't know how to answer that one. Maybe that's the key to all the installation issues?
Thank you for being so kind and encouraging in your response. I appreciate it very much!

Thanks so much. I really think my pc has some issues, or Manjaro was not installed and tested properly (by computer store tech). When I tried this, it accepts the command and then prompts for the password, then freezes. The keyboard won't even respond. So....I think I have more issues than just my ignorance. :fearful:

Calibre is a e-book reader and converting tool. Are you referring to Calligra? That's KDE Office effort and will support OpenOffice formats (ODT).
If you're having key issues search the forum for refreshing pacman keysor something similar. any one of the posts about it should fix that issue.

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Sorry, I meant Calligra. Thanks!

Hi slcresie,

I am sorry to hear your install was not done properly.

  1. The problems with the keyrings should be solved with the nuclear option: [SOLVED] Corrupted gpg.conf & empty keyring

  2. Calibre is an ebook-management program that can also open documents. You will probably want Libreoffice instead of openoffice. Openoffice is not very actively developed anymore, libreoffice was split off but is based on the same code originally.

  3. Remove the transaction lock file. it is certainly related to your probelms. Then refresh the databases in the options.

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Oh thank you!

  1. I am going to give this a shot.

  2. Sorry, I meant Calligra, not Calibre. It must be some default software that just comes with the package. We're going to try Libre. I'm sure our old (numerous) OpenOffice files will convert to Libre...right?

  3. Yes! Just what I thought. At least I guessed one right.

Thank you again for your kind responses!

Yes, you should be able to open those files in Libre.

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Calligra is part of KDE, but I do not know anyone that seriously uses it. Libreoffice is most common. For docx compatiility best install WPS Office and / or Onlyoffice's Desktopeditors.

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Someone has been recommending 'freeoffice' recently too..
(dont take that as endorsement, I havent tried it)

Freeoffice isn't bad either. I have extensively used the other two.

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Thanks again for your help. How can I get to the message again asking - "Do you really want to remove Pacman's transaction lock file?" I can't seem to get it to pop up again. It was popping up on reboot, but it's sporadic it seems.

search for db.lck It is the file pacman creates while updating. If the update gets broken db.lck remaines locking up pacman . It is located at /var/lib/pacman/db.lck

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Octopi should show it if you try to change programs.
You are welcome.
Although I usually try to manage my Manjaro GUI only, I have occasionally had to use command-lines. In those few cases I usually copied them from the forum.

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Sorry...not sure what you mean to "change programs." Please forgive my dummie-ness.

I meant if you try to add or remove programs using octopi. That is when octopi (or whatever it calls) will lock the database so no other programs can try to install at the same time.
No need to be apologetic. There are no stupid questions: only stupid answers.

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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

IF you want to try and learn some basics of the command line this book can help you:
The Linux Command Line

Thank you! I'll give it a look.

I like some fun interactive ones like

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