News section rework.

A more complete news section is coming feedback is very welcome.


it's indeed sorting better but the sort/filter cannot be turned off once it is turned on. you can change category but I don't think it clears again without doing CTRL+F5 to hard reset the page. It needs an 'All' or 'Everything' option?

not good with chromium ... stacking tiles at first acces (select nothing)

EDIT: ok after CTRL +F5 :hugs: (had old css in cache)

it looks and spaces itself fine for me in Chrome at 96dpi, maybe a dpi issue? :man_shrugging:

Sometimes it does not stack well, there is a new build that is not uploaded yet, hopefully it will fix that.


  • news detail, top right cross "close" make nothing (in fact offset link, click on top)
  • desktop only, zoom detail , width too small (long scroll not good if more than my screen)
    and can have some overflow (here url ! only in this news ? [news]dmraid bug 2019-05-21) :

I know it might be too much to ask, but wouldn't just a normal vertical layout work (each item stretching horizontally across the page)? I don't know what the purpose of this 3-column layout is if the columns don't represent separate categories or some other logical order. If at least it was a grid with each row of equal height. I find it confusing to look around to work out the order of the items, as some of them are higher, some are lower, and it's not immediately clear what the chronological order is.
When I look at the current new layout, if I want to go from older to newer I have to go from left to right in the second row, then from right to left in the first row (screenshot), which I don't find intuitive. I assume the algorithm positions each item vertically by date (measuring the position from the top of the box), but that's not what the brain wants to do (at least not mine). Note also that 25 Jan is higher than 26 Jan, so at this point my brain can't quite decide if newer is to the left, to the right, or up or down.

Try the button next to sort, is kind of magical. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@pawel It will also save your layout preference.

yes but not pictures :sob: and one more clic - I'm going to try to read at the opening of the page
(with sort news) when we have a big tile and some small
just a little confusion for my little head, I'm forced to think


The modern way is magazine layout, the old style ( mailing list ) is just there for people that prefer it, pictures won't realy fit there.

Can number of items be lower? Script/web page shuffling them in real time and it looks like black jack deal of cards (Don't know is this has any sens in English / half man, half English translator here) :smiley:

Yes, it is magical :slight_smile:
Of course, pictures would be nice (on the right), but I still prefer it.

No, we need all that information as a permanent source of news outside the forum.

Older posts can't be moved to other page like Prev 1 2 3 4 Next ?

As for magazine layout, it would make more sense if the columns were different width but the rows were the same height. Then there would be variation, but no confusion, because you would just read from left to right (I realise that might be difficult to implement). In a magazine you can have different heights because you can just read from top to bottom until you reach the end of the page and then you go to the next column, but on a web page (at least of a news/blog type) you never reach the bottom (well, if you do, it means you should go the next page or you have reached the beginning of time... I mean, the very first post.
Anyway, the other layout is fine with me. It would be nice to have small pictures on the right, but it's still an improvement for me.

No that is an extra step, besides scrolling we also have to click and wait for new page to load.

Thats not possible, as i don't have control over the content or image sizes.

My first impression (Firefox) is really good. Nice design. Looks like a pro did some good work here :wink:

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Won't they just fit in the container if you set the correct css?

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