Next KDE version with "extras"

In view of the fact that Manjaro already has a nicely customized KDE implementation, my suggestion points to the possibility to make this KDE implementation even nicer by:

  1. Defining at least one further KDE activity and presenting an Activities overview in the default control bar.
    This Activity, for being useful to everybody may be called "System configuration" and have the following features:
    (i) A cheatcode wallpaper with the most common command line commands in the spirit of
    (ii) An open Konsole window
    (iii) Shortcuts for Octopi, Manjaro tools, KDE Settings, ksysguard and a working sudo $file-explorer ... in the Window bar.

  2. Installing and activating Redshift Control (when Apple introduced this recently everybody says 'wow' but we could have that for years already ...)

I think that everybody new to Manjaro (or Linux in general) would recognize these features as being both rather unique and useful.




Ah. This wallpaper again."Make Computer Faster" ...

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Yup, I gotta agree. Yuck!!
I refuse to use any Activities, and when KDE desides tto make File View the default that will be the first thing that gets changed when I install. I like a clean desktop. And System Configuration belongs where it is, tucked away where you can get at it , but not right there to get fiddled with every hour of every day in an activity.

With Yukuake one key stroke away I don't want my desktop comming up wiht a console already open. Just more clutter in the way.

Redshift is a personal taste, add it to the distro (all DEs) but don't foist it on anyone.

And the wallpaper? Seriously? what was he thinking?
If the OP wants to make a theme he should do so, rather than suggesting Manjaro adopt his preferences for everybody.

Maybe he wants to throw a couple Conky windows up as well.!!


Why not just put it in the Manjaro's user guide? or maybe in the tutorial forum? Some users want to use their own wallpaper...

Last time I checked when it was enabled in the gnome, I remember seeing somewhere that people complained about it, thinking it was the driver's fault that caused this "red tint" thingy...

All of these is just personal taste. Not all users will like it the way you do...

In my opinion, I would more prefer if the KDE to go minimalist ( with a simple wallpaper, and simple panel) rather than bloated with these "stuffs". So the users can tinker what they want it (I mean that was the reasons why the users choose KDE right?)

  1. i like your arguments. such an exemplary (not by default selected) activity could show kde users what is possible with the "activity concept". i agree with the others that your linked wallpaper is quite bad, but i know what you mean.
    i also agree with @jsamyth's (ironic) comment that a conky (or extra widgets on the desktop) in that activity exclusively would look good.

You can do that without making other people use activities, but if you really want a list of of commands better use a note widget.
I never used activities myself in KDE4, but since plasma5 i use that feature every time.
Not sure about redshift.
Overall everybody can make their desktop look how they want, with or without activities and customized wallpapers etc.
Mine looks like this, and i don't complain :sunglasses:

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Supposedly KDE 5.11 will have its own version of Redshift. So in the long run you will get it whether you like it or not. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for your kind reply. Of course I did not mean that very Wallpaper, but one of the stunning ones in a different thread of this forum, enhanced by a set of useful commands more specifically tailored for Arch/Manjaro. I do not code at all, but I would be willing to make the Wallpaper ...

Well hope it is something that can be disabled or turned off.
As Color Temp is critical when I'm reviewing and editing my photography.
So can' t use something that changes the natural color or white balance of an image.

So my answer for me is use darker themes,wallpaper even my browser with stylish applying dark themes for web sites. Helps reduce eye strain and headaches from the Blinding White Light! as must have some of the Vampire genes in my Blood! :smiling_imp:


Gnome has nightlight its awful luckily it can be turned off thank goodness, I do a lot of photography as well setup the screen colour temp as per windows why mess it up by tinting the damn thing,

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Exactly! :smirk:

Of course one will be able to disable it. It's hardly imaginable that KDE implements anything without having configuration options for it :grin: ...

I just wish that this feature was available as default without needing to first hunt down the necessary packages. Also, dark themes and wallpapers do not prevent the window contents to SCREAM at me at night without Redshift and I found that my sleep really benefits from the blue light filter.

For me no screaming as my browser uses Stylish extension and do dark themes for all my sites I visit regularly. From Manjaro forums here to Flickr,Reddit,Gmail,Google,etc.. To all my applications of the dark.

So very little window content screaming here except sites that don't have a dark style available.

Good grief... you'd think noone else used PCs.

I for one appreciate not having my eyes burned out by blue light. I used f.lux since it was first released and moved to Redshift when that was released. I can still click the "disable" button when I need correct colour reproduction.

The GNOME Night Light implementation is particularly excellent as it alters the current curves rather than resetting them - so it works with your ICC profile instead of ignoring it

It may work for you but not for me its distracting like the lights are turned of in the room and defeats paying for a high definition monitor,
But if you like it who am I to argue with you?

Couldn't have said it any better. Thank you @c00ter

Reason for not liking it: my desktop is my desktop. I don't need a cheat-sheet with most used terminal commands since I hardly use the terminal. I therefore also don't need an open terminal. I have my own shortcuts, thank you very much. No idea what Redshift Control is, never used it, don't miss it so I don't need it.
Have tried Activities on KDE4, didn't like it much so I don't use that now here on Plasma 5.

Again: My desktop is my desktop and I decide what is on it. Why do you think I left Windows (well, one of the reasons):
Windows (Microsoft) dictates how the user has to use their* (MS) computer, Linux lets the user be in control of everything. I don't want a huge step back.

*: I wrote their computer since it isn't your computer anymore, it is their (Microsoft's) computer
Do you see the horror?

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Correct you pay for the privilege of using Ms software but don't own it.

What I mean with my line is: since they dictate how you have to sue the computer it is no longer your computer although you bought it, it is theirs. Because the software is so crappy toy are forced to use a anti-virus program, an anti malware program, an anti spyware program (which will not find the largest spyware in the world: Windows 10)
You don't control it anymore so it is not your computer.

Just a reminder:

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