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I have recently bought a new external keyboard . there is 12 customizable extra buttons on it . I'v set music key for deadbeef (using keyboard/application shortcuts) . I want to set one button to go next music from the list . what is the right command to bound a shortcut?

Did you try this?

~ >>> deadbeef --help                                                                                          [16]
starting deadbeef 0.7.2
Usage: deadbeef [options] [--] [file(s)]
   --help  or  -h     Print help (this message) and exit
   --quit             Quit player
   --version          Print version info and exit
   --play             Start playback
   --stop             Stop playback
   --pause            Pause playback
   --toggle-pause     Toggle pause
   --play-pause       Start playback if stopped, toggle pause otherwise
   --next             Next song in playlist
   --prev             Previous song in playlist
   --random           Random song in playlist
   --queue            Append file(s) to existing playlist
   --gui PLUGIN       Tells which GUI plugin to use, default is "GTK2"
   --nowplaying FMT   Print formatted track name to stdout
                      FMT %-syntax: [a]rtist, [t]itle, al[b]um,
                      [l]ength, track[n]umber, [y]ear, [c]omment,
                      copy[r]ight, [e]lapsed
                      example: --nowplaying "%a - %t" should print "artist - title"
                      for more info, see
                      NOTE: --nowplaying is deprecated.
   --nowplaying-tf FMT  Print formatted track name to stdout, using the new title formatting
                      FMT syntax:
                      example: --nowplaying-tf "%artist% - %title%" should print "artist - title"
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another problem just revealed .
arrow keys does not navigate forward or backward . (up and down works for next and previous item selection) .
space also does not pause .
what is wrong with deadbeef?

thanks . it works with --play-pause option

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