Nice fades with gdm?

Having installed windows 10 and it all works surprisingly well with a lot of polish, i'm actually considering leaving linux.
I was wondering if there's away to get some nice fades into and out of the login screen?
many thanks

I agree 10 can be great if you take the time to polish what is a true turd after first landing on the desktop. In my opinion it takes no more effort to maintain a great looking and running Linux install, and the security is a thousand times better.

Well - if that is the criteria - I think you would be happy with Windows

  • it works OOB for most - if not all recent hardware
  • they wlll change your desktop at will
  • and add all kinds of software they deem useful
  • unless you directly tells Microsoft not to
  • you will get updates downloaded and applied on system shutdown or restart
  • Microsoft will - unless you tell them otherwise share your downloaded updates with other computers on your network
  • even to other internet connected computers
  • they will hold your hand and kiss you goodnight
  • and they will keep an eye out for you
  • should you stray the backyards of the internet.

I am convinced you are going to like it - a lot :grin:

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Maybe i should have rephrased my question -

I'm hoping to get some of the fancy polish on manjaro. In particular, some fades into and out of the login screen.

Which display manager or Manjaro Edition are you using?

For reference, each edition uses a different login screen.

So let me see if I've got this right you want to dump a great OS(Manjaro) to spend time polishing what is truly a turd upon first landing on the desktop(Win 10) and you want help from the Manjaro forums in doing this? I'm sorry but.........

AhHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa might want to visit Tenforums.

um, no.

I want to stick with manjaro and polish manjaro, which is why i'm asking on the manjaro forums.

thanks for the response

I'm using gnome edition. i remember i used to have various animation options with an older version and can't find any setting now

I am not sure if that is possible with gdm.

I edited the title of the topic in an attempt to get the attention of someone more familiar with gdm/gnome to answer your question more definitively.

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