No audio in Steam games

basically i have no audio in all games from steam, the adio work in all other apps

in the photo is a example. the " csgo_linux64: playback strem" not works, but also in other games the "playback stream" dont works too.

How is a screenshot supposed to show us you have no sound? :thinking:

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in the "csgo_linux64" is the app witch is not working the sound is not there, is jsut to show what i think is the problem

Does sound work in other applications? We know nothing, therefore we can help you with nothing. Please see:

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i have a problem with csgo audio in linux.
it basically have 0 audio at all not matter what i do.
the counter strike audio in mi clear linux and my manjaro i3 just dont work, they are installed in diferent pc but the audio is just not there in both cases.
i want to know if some one have the same problem in csgo ?
but the audio in the rest of apps is working like always i did delete the game, re install it and i did put on fix it i check every audio option and nothing.

Make sure you have lib32-alsa-plugins installed

they are installed, i will try the game now !

nothing changes, i will restart and hope luck

Please dont double-post. I have merged the two threads.


Make sure pulseaudio-alsa and lib32-libpulse are also installed

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i did install them, i figured if i put in the terminal "alsamixer" and i press f3, then re-activate the audio card the game sound start works, but i have to do that every boot.

with this plugings i will not have the need of do that ?

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