No boot entry found for manjaro also failed to get grub menu

I have installed manjaro latest version on my computer. Previously there was ubuntu mate 18.04 along with windows10 as dual boot. I deleted the ubuntu partitions from live usb of manjaro and created root, home, swap and /boot/efi partiton. But after complete installations no grub boot loader appeared, also I didn't found any manjaro entry in bios boot entry. I can run windows 10 from bios boot preference but can not run manjaro from there. Please help me.20180602_202752

Try this first post. Read completely.



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I'm assuming you've fixed it. If not, get back to us with the data required as listed in the link.
And you're welcome.


Thanks for your kind response. I fixed the problem from windows10 partition after installing of EasyUefi software which repaired the boot entry and added manjaro there. Now every thing running fine without any disturbance. IMG_20180603_080403_084

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