No bootsplash on kernel 4.17

Anyone else noticed that the bootsplash is no longer present on kernel 4.17?

It still works with kernel 4.14 and 4.16, but not on my kernel 4.17.

Is it because @philm does not do the boot splash patches on the RC kernels?

I like the bootsplash on my laptop, because otherwise I just have loads of dmesg spam about some pcie device, that I can't do anything about anyway. :slight_smile:

All kernels v4.14+ have the config CONFIG_BOOTSPLASH=y and bootsplash therefore enabled ...

I’ve never used or seen the bootsplash yet. I’m assuming it’s still not a default thing yet as I recently installed 2 brand new systems for friends using XFCE media 17.1.8 and there was no bootsplash (not that I really care).

The bootsplash is not default on the installed systems, you have to enable it in grub and mkinitcpio.

I wonder why my 4.17 does not show it, when my 4.14 and 4.16 does.... :frowning:

an other question is there a tutorial to activate bootsplash? :slight_smile:
also to change themes?

thanks in advance

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Yes, there is. You may look here. A full repo with several themes may be found here.


thank you @philm

Just updated my linux417 kernel in Unstable.

Now the bootsplash works for that too. Thanks.

@philm @strit can confirm bootsplash is not working on the 417 line of kernels.

It does work on the 416 kernels. Just tested both.

Just noticed an update to 417 - will report back shortly.

Edit - OK it is now working :smiley:

Thanks for the fix. :slight_smile: Saw it in the commit lines for the linux417 config.

can you add maybe a way to install it in rEFInd?

thank you :slight_smile:

There are no any extraordinary things to do in order to make it work with rEFInd, e.g.:

“Boot with optimized options” “rw quiet bootsplash.bootfile=bootsplash-themes/manjaro-mi/bootsplash cryptdevice=UUID=350a09b6-89b9:cryptlvm:allow-discards root=/dev/mapper/ManjaroVolGroup-root rootfstype=ext4 resume=/dev/mapper/ManjaroVolGroup-swap add_efi_memmap initrd=/EFI/manjaro/intel-ucode.img initrd=/EFI/manjaro/initramfs-%v.img”

The example above shows necessary option for refind-linux.conf along with another options. It's just the same as for /etc/default/grub.
Do note that bootsplash does not support entering passwords for decryption like plymouth does. If you have smth encrypted you'll have to hit Esc during bootsplash animation and enter you password in console prompt.

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