No DE after login in LightDM after todays update

Dear all,

I'm running Manjaro Gnome on a laptop with an nVidia 940m using nvidia-bumblebee and Xorg.
After today's update, I experience the following problem:

After entering my credentials in LightDM, I'm stuck with a black screen with only the cursor on it, Gnome doesn't load.
Login in on tty2 and running startx first gave me an error about xterm missing and after installing xterm gives me a very basic DE I've never seen before (reminds me a little bit of openbox, but with an 80's graphics design :wink: )

Unfortunately, I have no idea where lightDM keeps its log files, so I'm a little bit clueless here... any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Try swapping DM:

sudo pacman -S gdm
sudo systemctl enable gdm -f

Hopefully that will get you working.


let's say it was a 50% success:
At first the system didn't start gdm, it was only after removing the "quiet splash" option from the grub config that gdm would start (my original idea behind that was to see a possible error message, but it ended up solving the problem...)

But at least the login does work... only question: what was the problem in the first place? Not that it is important, but lightDM looks nicer and I don't like mysteries :wink:

I assume you are running systemd, so use journalctl to peruse your system logs.

journalctl -p err -b [-n]

This will display all log errors for the most recent boot. The -n is optional, where "n" specifies the number of boots to go back.

So just fine tune "n" to find the boot that you experienced your lightdm failure and check the errors.

To view all log messages, not just the errors, simply remove -p err, or change err to a different log message priority.

You may also want to check the xorg log files in /var/log.

I was under the impression lightdm did not work with gnome? I am sure I read it on here.....

Though I do not run gnome often, so it may have been fixed, I run sddm.

may be this? @sueridgepipe ??? (Manjaro Gnome) Black Screen at login after Last Stable Update [2017-1-30]

Dunno, I use KDE with SDDM, have no experience with GNOME , but this link definitely explains why lightdm may stop working.

Same here plasma/sddm, I have Gnome installed, just to look at wayland.

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