No graphics on fresh install

I just installed manjaro KDE on a laptop with a Ryzen 2500U with Radeon Vega integrated graphcs, and an Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Mobile dedicated graphics combo.

The installer worked fine, I selected non-free drivers in the bootloader and then just installed the OS normally but on boot the image freezes on 'Reached target Graphical Interface'. Or at least appears to.

In the xorg appears to be running normally though, according to xorg log it automatically adds and binds gpu devices with no errors but I'm not getting an image.

I'm pretty sure this is some kind of configuration error but I couldn't find any guide at all on how to configure manjaro for an amd igpu + nvidia dgpu combo laptop.

What do I do?

mhwd -li shows that I'm using the video-nvidia-418xx and video-linux drivers.

it's an unusual setup, but there have been a few posts on it somewhat recently. try this one.

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I checked the nvidia drivers website, it recommends the latest 440 driver. I would start with installing that driver and uninstalling the one you have. The reason is it allows for prime render offload. I will supply a link to a complete setup process I did the other day. Just follow the section for the primer render offload. You should get a working display.

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It worked! Thanks alot for this guide!

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Glad that worked, if you want an optimus switch configuration. @dglt is working on it for amd/nvidia for sddm which kde uses. I am sure he could definitely use another tester for this type of hardware configuration.

i've only done a lightdm version so far since im not sure if prime synchronization is gonna be fixed by nvidia. are you still using the optimus-switch for amd/nvidia or are you just using render offload instead?

if your not still using it then i'm assuming there is a reason why and since i dont have amd/nvidia hardware to test on. it only makes sense to use optimus-switch if it provides a better experience than render offload. on intel/nvidia setups it's a no brainer, i dont like render offload and it's limitations but i have no idea how or even if those limitations apply to an amd/nvidia setup.

one example would be external displays while using render offload, are you able to? on an intel/nvidia setup using render offload the only way you get external display functionality is if your external ports (hdmi/dp) are connected to the intel gpu, if they are connected to the nvidia (which most but not all, are) then you cant use external displays and your video ports become nothing more than ventilation (brilliant idea nvidia :man_facepalming:)

I'm using render offload on this laptop since it's on KDE I didn't have much of a choice on whether or not to sue optimus switch. render offload worked pretty well surprisingly, I think I like it a lot better than bumblebee (you know seeing as it works with vulkan and all), I actually liked it enough that I think I may switch my own laptop to use this scheme if it works on intel as well. (the amd/nvidia laptop is my brother's, I was giving him a crash course on linux, and everything that could have gone wrong did, it was freaking amazing! I started him off with making him install arch, every step of the way something went wrong :smiley: and by the end after we installed arch, it was impossible to connect it to the internet via wifi so I had to give up on making him set up his own DE and switch to manjaro, where this thing went wrong instead. However, his laptop is not available for testing I'm afraid.)

I had something funny happen though on the amd/nvidia laptop after following the aforementioned guide. I decided to test it as described with glxgears and vkcube first, and everything worked as explained (e.g. if I ran glxgears/vkcube normally it ran on amd, if I ran it with nvr/vkr it ran on nvidia) but when I went on steam and installed a game and played it (Oxygen not included, in this case, also was running through proton), it ran on the Nvidia gpu automatically without me configuring it to do so at all!

I mean that is a somewhat ideal thing to happen; considering that's how it's supposed to work and how it does work on windows, but apparently automated prime offloading is now a thing in nvidia's drivers on linux, big whoop, that only took what, 10 years? A bit more?

I only use optimus switch. I find it to be a way better option than using prime render offload. Seeing as how my preferred desktop is cinnamon it works perfectly for my daily use and I see no issues in my day to day.

i know lutris added support for render offload, im not sure how steam is handling it but it might just be that the game you tested was a vulkan game? and the only vulkan-icd-loader was nvidia so it used nvidia? (just a guess)

oh good, i must of misread a previous post of yours and i thought you went back to render offload. i'll try and carve out some time to port over the sddm and gdm versions

@dglt I was suggesting to @cestarian that since he has an amd/nvidia and runs kde. When you get the optimus switch set up for sddm. He could test that out for you. I think it’s just me and one other person who has optimus switch set up on amd/nvidia hardware.

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I had the amd vulkan thing installed, even ran vkcube on it.

And @Swagglepuf I don't have access to my brothers laptop anymore, so no testing can be done on it :stuck_out_tongue: I'm only on my intel/nvidia one now, we don't really live in the same country, or rather I don't really live in a country as is, I'm somewhat of a nomad right now.

Preferably I would actually like to just use Prime, optimus switch being a nice option and all but my laptop has thermal management issues for the CPU whereas the GPU always runs cold. However I had these super weird issues which one of you might remember:

I need to retest it right now now (also I'm actually using optimus-manager as is; and I found another game to test this with called Deceit) that I have more recent nvidia drivers, but I recall when using the iGPU I did not have these problems. There's a distinct possibility that if this issue is still present prime offload could be a solution to this issue.

But yeah it's interesting about how it automatically offloaded to nvidia isn't it? I even tried to set the prime offload setting to 0 in the launch commands but it still ran on nvidia, it was forced on. I suppose it's possible that steam enables this automatically by default for any application launched from it but that would have had to be like a really recently added feature right? Did they really even have time to start doing things like that since the 435 driver was released? It doesn't sound much like them... It's not impossible that the driver has a list of processnames to automatically offload to the nvidia gpu tho.

Here's a thought though, isn't it possible to use optimus switch with prime offload still available when on the intel/amd igpu? Now that bumblebee doesn't even need to be in the picture?

i was planning on adding a render-offload mode to optimus-switch but then after using render offload decided against it for a few reasons, some of which are

  • external displays can not be used with it
  • both the intel and nvidia gpu's remain powered on at all times even when the nvidia is doing absolutely nothing.
  • only reasonable power management only exists for rtx (turing gpu's) and newer cards.

optimus-manager and optimus-switch set to nvidia mode are using a PRIME setup. prime will get you the best performance possible from an optimus laptop and do so without the limitations of render-offload.

i think know why though, the games you launch from steam that get "auto detected" are not actually auto detected but are vulkan/dxvk games and since you only have the nvidia vulkan-icd-loader installed it defaults to using the nvidia gpu.

It doesn't though, vkcube defaulted to the amd integrated gpu unless I specified to use prime offload.

no idea, i've never had my hands on any amd/nvidia optimus-like laptops

there's an amdgpu vulkan driver called amdvlk which I installed, that's probably why it worked with amd's thing.

Coincidentally on my own laptop I had to uninstall the vulkan-intel driver so some games (overwatch) would work at all.

having both intel and nvidia's vulkan installed can cause problems so thats understandable.

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Yeah, just now I tested using the nvidia prime render offload to run battle net and install overwatch, on my last boot I did it with prime (running nvidia as my only active gpu) and I had those freaky ass freezes where my cpu went all crazy, but now repeating it whit nvidia prime render offload I'm free from this.

This issue was the main reason I switched to windows for a couple of months; it wasn't that I couldn't run my games, it was just that this issue cropped up here and there and I was worried that one of these times I might not notice it happening or would leave it frozen too long and my cpu would end up taking damage from the heat.

Back then I had no solution for this, because it was either live with this issue or live without my nvidia gpu for the majority of titles I play (considering they require dxvk and in turn vulkan) but now with prime offloading I can finally return here, hopefully for good this time.

I also coincidentally actually have an RTX card, which is supposed to have power management features with prime offloading enabled.

Enabling it was a pain in the ass though, the guide on archwiki (to install nvidia-prime + some xorg.conf tweaking) didn't work. Luckily I had Swagglepuf's guide as a reference for a configuration that does work (albeit for a different igpu) and was able to figure out a working conf from there.

are you talking about the freezing problem when running any vulkan app while prime sync is enabled? the behavior for that bug is a continuous loop of 4-6sec frozen followed by 1-2sec of not frozen. over and over and over.

that one?

No, I linked to it earlier; it was something that seemed specific to my setup. When I would run specific applications (the only two cases I remember off the top of my head are during installation/update of a game, and a game called Deceit, both run through wine/proton with dxvk) my laptop would freeze and my CPU usage would shoot through the roof (to the point of overheating; despite the overheating it didn't actually crash my system or forcefully shutdown which was the worst part about this).

The symptoms are quite similar to what you described, only after a couple of freezes the duration of each freeze increases until it seems completely frozen..

I think I even tried disabling prime sync and it had no effect. I will try doing that again though, but isn't prime sync kind of important when you're using prime? Also it didn't happen with any vulkan app, just these 2 specific ones.

dont most of those installers use DXVK though? same problem.

prime sync is great, with prime sync i can disable in-game vsync and get zero tearing, less input lag, and better performance. if your using kernel 5.4 then prime sync is broken anyway, not a big deal right now because 5.4 is a dumpster fire anyway and using it means i have no wifi, no prime sync, and no touchpad. :man_facepalming:

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