No hibernation/suspend option in kickstart menu (KDE) without pm-utils

As in the topic above. There is no suspend/hibernate option in kickstart menu.

I red somewhere that I should have pm-utils for that but I don't have them. When I wanted to install them, I got info that it conflicts with tlp and I do want tlp for decent battery life. So what now?

In older kde installs or custom kde installs I did have those options. My recent install (one week old) doesn't have them.

i do not know which packages you need to have installed, but i can tell you which settings you have to change in order to solve your problem.

go to systemsettings --> start and shutdown/logoff/quit --> desktop session --> general --> "offer options for shutting down / logging out / switching off" must be ticked

pm-utils has been depricated.
You don't need that package. It has serious breakage, and he maintainer has announced he doen't want to support it any more.

The problem is, that if pm-utils are installed, systemd will try to use them, and that's when trouble starts. Don't go there.
systemd has its own mechanisms for suspend etc:

Take the steps excaliber mentioned, and bear in mind that if you don't have a swap disk at least as big a memory you won't get any hibernate option at all.

I already set it that way so that didn't help. Will check the power management article on arch wiki and will see how it goes. I believe in old system install I had pm-utils (manual plasma install) and that worked well for me, aside occasional issues after suspend that sometimes happened, but that's normal with that kernel. There are some kernel modules that use different suspend/hibernation options that prevent occasional craziness in typical kernel module that is responsible for that - but that's a different story and it's well described in arch wiki.

I do have swap, 16GB (8GB ram) so there should be no problem with hibernation.

OK, I looked at the article and am very disappointed because although relatively well written (compared to some other arch wiki ones), this is advanced stuff and lot of things are not clear for me so I can really mess my system. I just don't have enough knowledge of experience to digest such amount of information and use the correctly. In fact, I don't want to. I am not a technical user (still a rare thing in linux word) and I just want to use system, not mess with its basics to turn on some basic option. I know that sometimes that's not possible but at some point some basic things should be just there and don't require user to have linux master degree to add them.

I am torn, because I do like TLP (I used it in the past on ubuntu and it worked WONDERS for battery) so I'm not inclined to replace it with old pm-utils. On other hand pm-utlis did what I wanted but are said to be depreciated and not developed. What is the alternative then? It seems that TLP doesn't offer that kind of functionality and other packages that do, overlap with TLP so that's a potential can of worms.

Like I said, wiki article is just too much and I am confused. Systemd have just basic options but doesn't provide what I want, namely GRAPHICAL SWITCH IN PLASMA MENU FOR SUSPEND/HIBERNATION.

Does it mean that with pm-utils gone there is a whole and there is no user friendly solution to fill it?

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