No Internet After Update

After updating my system the other day, I've had a couple issues. The primary issue is that my computer now does not detect any internet but my router detect's the ethernet and so does my computer. I suspect it may have something to do with NetworkManager(1.2.2) but I'm not sure where the problem is stemming from. The second issue is that my OS won't boot up in 4.4 and I have to load 3.16. I'm not good with troubleshooting as I havn't had any serious issues in the year and a half I've used Manjaro and this is my first linux distro. Thanks in advance for any help!

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Try to downgrade NetworkManager (if you haven't cleared your cache)

1>. cd /var/cache/pacman/pkg

2>. ls networkmanager*
This will give you a directory listing of all available networkmanager packages.

3>. Then as an example, use the last known working, my system is x86_64
sudo pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/networkmanager-1.2.0-3-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz
Then reboot.

As for the kernel - don't know.

Blacklist networkmanager in /etc/pacman.conf in the ignorepkg section.

Also test your hardware with a live dvd, the one you installed from - does that connect to the internet OK?

You could also use sudo downgrade networkmanager in the terminal and it will give you a list of the older versions available (and download one if it's not in your cache). It will also ask if you want to prevent Network Manager from upgrading automatically (and change pacman.conf for you).

Unfortunately I have cleared my cache and I no longer have the USB I had installed from.

I don't have downgrade installed on my computer.

Any other suggestions on what I could do?

Next time use this tutorial to clear your cache:

You can download the 'downgrade' package from the Arch website (AUR section) and install it manually using Pamac. (Menu > Install local packages)

Downgrade will show you a list of local and remote packages of your software that are of an earlier version than you currently have installed.

Great advice regarding the clearing of cache and I wish I had seen it sooner! Will downgrade show me packages that I don't have installed (or that I have cleared) because if I already cleared my cache, how would it help?

Download on another computer, put on a usb stick or portable hd, or your phone, copy to the PC and install with the -U command.

Have put the x64 files in my dropbox for you.

It will show you remote packages in the AUR, so even if you have cleared your cache and it can't find local packages to downgrade from, then you can simply pick an older version from the AUR. It will list those versions for you.

Downgrade will download for you, but you need an internet connection.

Awesome community service right there. My hat off to you sir.


Thank you for this! I had a feeling this is precisely what I was needing to do.

I don't have internet access on my linux tower after the update.

Good point.


You could also boot off a live DVD, issue command:

sudo pacman -Syw networkmanager

cd to /var/cache/pacman/pkg and copy to your HD assuming you get internet connection from a live DVD.,

You could also boot using the live cd and then chroot into your installed version of Manjaro and download and install things that way. (i.e. downgrade)

I believe downgrade downloads its older packages from the Arch archive repository, not AUR (so it's pretty safe and reliable).

How about using an ethernet cable? That connection usually works even when wifi configuration doesn't.

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I don't have the CD that I installed from anymore and I'll be purchasing a USB stick this weekend to transfer the files xircon shared. If anyone has any other suggestions then I'd love to hear it, otherwise I'll give that a try and let you guys know how it turns out.

I only use ethernet cable with my tower. My router detect's it and so does my computer but I'm not getting any data transfer

I am lazy, I chroot using arch-install-scripts, which are not installed either, by default.

You can usually connect your computer to your router directly with an ethernet cable, if you have one.

It is directly connected, light's on both ends and my tower would even tell me the brand name it was from (I forgot the command I put in but it told me 100mb ethernet)

I can pull up my router info online and it says connected as well, so I have no idea :frowning:

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