No internet with 4.7

i have no idea why any help would be nice

even using lan? can you check if there is any network software managing your network.

i am using ethernet on my local network(home)

check if NetworkManager is enabled or not in systemd. also if you are trying to run wifi make sure it is not in the blacklist as well check the rfkill list all.
have you tried to run sudo mhwd -l ? check if you can actually install another module for your pci network controller


try sudo systemctl status NetworkManager if it isn't then start and enable it
sudo systemctl start NetworkManager (to start its modules)
sudo systemctl enable NetworkManager(to enable in boot)

BTW forgot to mention it works with 4.4

can you try to reboot and remove your ethernet for a while then try to connect using your wifi

i do not have wifi

ok then i suggest you allow dhcpcd in your network to manually configured everything
same procedure
sudo systemctl start dhcpcd
sudo systemctl enable dhcpcd

or more importantly sudo mhwd -l to see available drivers for you to download it will also configured your network adapter since you have a pci controller

sudo mhwd -a pci nonfree 0300 to automatically install what is needed then reboot.

thanks mate

glad to help you can marked this as solved!

i did before you posted this message

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This command should install only GRAPHIC CARD drivers as its specified 0300.

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Oh yeah i didn't see that . but i've just been giving an idea though to install pci using mhwd. thanks for noticing! maybe i'll be focusing more on troubleshooting than both troubleshooting and scripting :frowning:

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