No irq handler for vector

Hello everybody and thanks for accepting me to the forum.
I'm moving away from windows 7, and recently loaded or attempting to load Monjaro KDE 18.0 to an extra Dell inspiron 531s stock box:
with 4gb of memory.
samsung 64mb mlc ssd.
graphics are stock integrated.
During install, I get the message "0.522737] do_IRQ: 0.55 NO irq handler for vector" ???
After attempting the install, the display either freezes or desktop disappears leaving behind only the pointer.
I have run Mint, and Zorin on this pc without problems.
Any help here would be greatly appreciated!
I admittedly am extremely green to Linux and not good at code.
If more pc specs are needed, please advise.
Thank you

When you boot, while in the GRUB menu and you selected to boot the installer, pres e and add, to the kernel parameters line, this pci=nomsi,noaer
You can place it right after quiet.
Then press F10 to continue booting. You might have to do the same once the system is installed and you boot from it. Look on how to permanently add boot flags to boot.

I have encountered this problem more than once. From the kernel version 4.15 and higher I always get that no irq handler for vector message. Just that I never got those other problems that you have. Try bogdancovaciu's suggestion but using Manjaro Architect. During the installation process select the kernel 4.4 or 4.9. This helped me to get rid of that message during boot.

Thanks bogdancovaciu, for the fast response!
This looks pretty straight forward. I'll look into "adding boot flags" as well.
The code thing is the most challenging thing for me, all my years with windows I used DOS or command prompt very little!
"like being lost in a scrap yard with parts from cars I've never seen before!"
I downloaded zorin and have had no problems with it, but yesterday while trying to install Monjaro and Chalet I encountered the same problem! (two different drives).
Thanks again and have a great weekend.

Thanks KharjoVonRiften for the quick reply!
I've given a look at the tutorial, if bogdancovaciu's fix wont work for me, I'll give this a try, may be a little over my pay grade, but I think if I were to print out the tutorial and follow along I might make it work.
I assume I would load "Manjaro Architect" first on a clean drive? Then with internet connected, continue on to download via internet utilizing Architect?
How would I be sure to get "Manjaro KDE" during download?
Thanks again, and have a great weekend!

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