No keyboard in VM after mounting guest-additions ISO

I'm running Manjaro testing in a Virtualbox. It is fully updated, did the last updates this morning after not having used the machine for some time.
I noticed especially the video is lagging. When I boot, the desktop wallpaper shows up but the intensity of it is increasing in visible steps. It's not instant.
So I decided to re-install the Virtualbox guest-additions to see if that changes anything. Well, it does. As soon as I mount the iso file my keyboard stops working completely.
Not even a reboot, let alone a log-out log-in will cure it. I need to stop the virtual machine completely and restart it to have a keyboard again.
I checked the log files but can't find anything about mounting the guest-additions nor the keyboard.
What else can I check or do to make this work again as it should?

Is the Physical Keyboard connected on a host usb?
Is the Guest Additions ISO physically on a USB drive attached to the host.
Does keyboard also stop working in the host?

You could may try moving that keyboard to a different USB header. (Especially avoid USB keyboards / mice on USB 3 ports that also support actual usb3 drives or such).

Also, what kind of USB did you provision the Vbox to have? 1.1, / 2.0, / 3.0 ?

Oh, and out of curiosity did you set up 3D or 2D video accelleration for the guest?

This is not an unheard of issue apparently:


Hi @jsamyth,

The keyboard is physically attached to one of the USB 2 ports on the motherboard.
Guest additions ISO is on harddisk
The keyboard in the host still works, but at this moment so does the keyboard in the guest. I tried it a couple of times just now and every time it stops working. Now when I have started this answer in the guest it just keeps working.
VBox uses USB 2.0.
When I enable 3D acceleration I don't have a panel in KDE so I always use a VM without acceleration. When enabling 2D acc. VBox complaints about a faulty setting.

I'm thinking about what is different now than what I had earlier today but can't find anything.

Well, I just leave it like this, especially since you also found a ticket about it at virtualbox.
Thanks for your help.

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