No more Internet/WiFi

On my Desktop computer, my WiFi no longer works. I used two different WiFi sticks, neither worked. Tried also on my laptop.

I didn't update anything. Didn't do anything. It just suddenly stopped working.

I can't change kernels because I have no Internet connection on the thing.

I don't want to reinstall my distro yet again.

Please place some hardware/software environment data/information here. A simple photo with a description of "its broke" is pretty hard to 'fix'.

Use something like
inxi -Fxxxz

to obtain the platform information.

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What that picture should tell us?

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the screen needs a clean :rofl:


Sure you can if you have a smartphone or another device. Download a kernel from a mirror, put it on your desktop, install it, reboot, and boot into the new kernel.

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