No Network connections (ethernet / wifi) following manjaro-architect install

Please help...

Network adapters not available following fresh install using manjaro-architect. Networking was obviously working when I was using architect iso. I have tried both new (5.6) and old (4.19) kernels to no avail. Other linux live CDs working fine.

Dell Laptop with Intel network devices and latest BIOS...

sudo systemctl enable --now NetworkManager

That did the trick, thank you! Really grateful to your prompt response.

So what is the reason for the NetworkManager service not having started? I've not had this trouble when using architect in the past?

There were some issues with architect. Probably some configuration did not make it after the fixes. I am tagging @Chrysostomus so that he can see your topic and take a look at it.


Any other potential issues I should know about?

None that I know.

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