no option for 1920x1080 in virtualbox manjaro gnome

hello, all I soon leave windows and will install manjaro gnome edition.
I am using a Samsung 43 inch smart tv as my screen connected true HDMI cable in windows I can get the resolution but I cant find it in manjaro i want to be sure that I don't format my HD and install the os and then it will be like in the VirtualBox software current I am using 1920x1440 but I need to scroll down and for the side to side to see other parts of the desktop that the only problem that stoping me .tnx in advance
Shlomi Baruch

from the manjaro vm you need to install virtualbox guest modules and guest utils and reboot the vm after

The default graphics adapter in VirtualBox is - weird right - VMSVGA which is a vmware adapter. Using that will give you issues with the screen not scaling very good.

So before you install Manjaro in VirtualBox VM the recommandation is

  • Set the graphical adapter to VBoxSVGA.
  • Set the graphics memorysize to 128MB
  • Enable 3D

When this is set you can scale the graphics as you please.

VirtualBox wiki article
VirtualBox Forum Howto

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tnx my problem solved i wanted to move to manjaro from my windows i was test it in VM and the wanted the full HD but i started a live cd and i saw my wanted resolution in the cd so its ok now again tnx for helping

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