No password asked in KDE's Discover when installing a program

When I install a program with Discover I can do so without typing a password. Uninstalling it however does ask for the password.
I reported this as a bug on
Answer: This is a PackageKit policy, if you think it should report to your distribution.

What is a Packagekit policy, where does it come from and why is it there?
Installing is writing on the system disk and requiers a password. Why not now?
Pacman, Yaourt, Octopi all ask for a password, all except Discover. Why?
Is it a feature, is it a bug, what is it?

PackageKit is a system designed to make installing and updating software on your computer easier. The primary design goal is to unify all the software graphical tools used in different distributions, and use some of the latest technology like PolicyKit.

The actual nuts-and-bolts distro tool (dnf, apt, etc) is used by PackageKit using compiled and scripted helpers. PackageKit isn't meant to replace these tools, instead providing a common set of abstractions that can be used by standard GUI and text mode package managers.

PackageKit itself is a system activated daemon called packagekitd. Being system activated means that it's only being run when the user is using a text mode or graphical tool, and quits when it's no longer being used. This means we don't delay the boot sequence or session startup and don't consume memory when not being used.

Okay, I got that. Thank you.
But why doesn't Discover ask me for a password while all other programs do?

No f'in clue - especially if its using something like pacman under its abstraction layer...

Maybe because software is tested and so safe to install. Remeber, Software Managers are no Package Managers. On uninstall, there is a password request :smiley:

packagekit should use libalpm directly, I think.

Yeah aint that the truth :mask:

But its still .. unsettling.

Software installers, I should say.
PackageKit needs pacman>=5.1

Still no explanation for why only Discover does this while al other programs do ask for a password. I think it is against Linux rules which claim that I, as simple user, have no permission to write on a system disk.
If we start doing this then we might as well forget everything related to permissions. Throw them overboard. Imitate Windows where, with one simple mouse-click, I can be administrator.
Linux is supposed to be different than that, until now.

Yeah was just tracking that down ..
discover deps packagekit-qt5 deps packagekit deps pacman
So it is pacman, and still no password.. :thinking:

+ Gnome Software - So all the Software Manager

Could this be related to the infamous Wayland @DeMus ?

At the moment I don't use Wayland, got some strange flashing blocks on my screen so I went back to X-org.

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Are yu sure? :rofl::joy:
Maybe cross-configurations interfere?

Just to clarify (dont have discover installed..and wont)
does it ask for pass when opening initially? or just.. never at all?

Still dont think it needs the pacman binary, but just libalpm

Still, the only way this is marginally acceptable is if its solely to the home directory

just on (systemwide) package uninstallations. not on opening, because it can not run as root and not on installation, because it is no packagemanager.

I dont think anyone here can answer why arch configures software managers (vid polkit) that way. But if you dont like it, you can change it.

Fair enough - but IMHO it then warrants a change. Whether upstream, or just for manjaro.

Please no. Its good the way it is.

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