No possibility to get Nvidia GT 610M working

So in the past few months I've been following wiki, youtube and forum guides for getting this particular gpu working. It's just not possible.
On Debian distributions the Nvidia drivers work somehow but in Manjaro and Arch in general - no way.

I've been manually installing the .run file from Nvidia, tried switching using MHWD but everything I try just gets me a black screen until I roll back with Timeshift or just a message that the driver can't build it's modules against the Linux kernel. I even have tried AUR packages. Most confusing is LSHW not even recognizing my gpu with any drivers.

Could it be the hardware configuration or am I missing out something obvious?

Thanks in advance, Semmelbrot.

The 610M model is a Fermi GPU
See here
That means, on your laptop that has (according to your user description) Intel HD Graphics 4000 + Nvidia GeForce GT 630M you have to install the video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-390xx-bumblebee.
Follow this how too:

Hmm. Problem is, the bumblebee solution still has my screen tearing and is not giving me max functionality (and nearly none settings in the Nvidia panel). That's why I want video-nvidia-390xx working - which do work on the Debian side.
And hey, thanks for the quick reply!

For that, you have too apply the solution in that link for Prime or take a look at Optimus-Manager (in case you still want to use the Intel GPU from time to time) and adopt/adapt it for the video-nvidia-390xx driver.


I recently did an install on a fermi gpu. The only way to get it working properly was to install with Manjaro Architect using the free drivers. Then once the install was complete I could install the 390 non-free driver. This was not a dual video card setup though.

do you have the option in bios to disable the intel integrated gpu (disable optimus)? this is your easiest solution if you do have that option in bios, and then you would need only video-nvidia-390xx since optimus related issues would be a non factor.

otherwise, your options are:
bumblebee with video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-390xx-bumblebee drivers as mentioned above. if you have screen-tearing issues, there are solutions for that however you wont get as good performance as the following options.

PRIME using video-nvidia-390xx drivers. both iGPU and dGPU are on at all times so need for switching or running apps with certain commands. everything just works and works well, including better performance.

Optimus-manager which is a sort of mix of advantages of each. once setup you can run a command to have Xorg restart using either intel only and nvidia powered down which saves battery and when nvidia is chosen it powers on both cards like in the prime setup. this option is still in development but some are using it successfully.

if you want the best performance thats always ready to go and no switching needed, go with prime. if battery life is your main concern, you can try optimus-manager, the links i included are tutorials on how to setup each of them.

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No. I'm able to disable Nvidia Graphics in BIOS only.

This tutorial actually worked! I don't know how I did not find this by myself earlier, though.

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nice, glade it worked out for you.

the amount of threads related to optimus/black screen/freeze during boot make it more difficult to figure out which one will be the best to follow. i know because it spent days trying to get my optimus laptop working properly and PRIME was the only way that actually worked but i spent a lot of time re-installing and trying different solutions before i came across instructions for prime. that tutorial makes it nice and simple if you follow it properly.


PRIME is the way to go to get the intel driver and hardware out of the way. It should be the default but people are looking for a way to try to keep the hybrid experience to save on battery. I use my laptop perm connected to AC power so I have no need for battery saving.


i do the same, who buys a gaming/dual-gpu laptop for the battery life and portability anyway?
if i really needed a laptop for hours of usage i could just buy a cheap chromebook or something without optimus setups. prime just works and it does this better than any other optimus solution afaik


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