No Signal After Boot Loader [OpenBox]

I just picked up a Wild Dog from System 76 and attempting to install Openbox on it. Install works fine, though after the boot loader it loads to a blank screen and shows no signal to the monitor.

I have the same distro running on my dell xps laptop without issue, and think it's likely an issue with the card (GT 1030 SC 384) compatibility.

Is anyone familiar with this issue?

A black screen? No.. :sweat_smile:
Boot to TTY and check for errors with journalctl

The only error I notice in red is:

ACPI BIOS Error (bug): Failure looking up [_SB.PC10.RP04 ...

I can grab a proper screenshot, but all ACPI, 6 lines AE_NOT_FOUND

Include the issued command, please.
Have you read the tutorial?

Suggest you change topic header to include "ACPI" in the header.
Some ACPI experts here are not looking at your topic
(Just as I look at your 'bootloader' topic and cannot do anything about it).

My apologies, didn't think it was related, as I've seen ACPI errors without a boot issue.
I have no issues booting to installer USB and installing, loads the boot loader, and after the brief ACPI error it boots, and I get no signal found on any monitor.

I booted to TTY and ran journalctl and the only thing I noticed is that ACPI error. Yes I read it, what did I miss or were you looking for full dump of the ACPI error. I can certainly do that, just didn't think it was related to my issue

Reason i say that too is I'm able to add nomodeset and it will boot further, but on screen an underscore only

as a test XFCE was installed without issue, so it's specific to Openbox

Did you run startx?
Or check/restart your DM (whichever is on OB).

startx ran this and got:

Auth: file /root/.Xauthority does not exist

ACPI Error -

If I boot with non-free LightDM fails to load, not sure if related. Oddly too, I need (and only with OpenBox) to unplug and replug the HDMI for the screen to load after the USB boot prior to installing.

Installs fine, get to boot loader, but nothing after. I've also checked and KDE current stable also installs without issue, just like XFCE.


4.0 GHz i5-8400 (2.8 up to 4.0 GHz - 6 Cores - 6 Threads)
8 GB DDR4 - 2666 MHz
Nvidia 2 GB GT 1030
250 GB NVMe

And unable to reload LightDM it just brings me back to booting and not finding a signal.

Did you login TTY as root?

I am afraid your descriptions make me confuse about which system you have problem, installed or USB installer each time.
You need to isolate the two, or the meaning is lost.

Remove USB installer and boot to Manjaro.
Go to TTY and get info and logs.

inxi -SMGxxx
mhwd -li
systemctl status lightdm | cat
journalctl -b -1 -p 3 | cat
cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log

I used the USB installer, and completed the install without issue. This is happening when trying to boot into the newly installed system.

Not sure how to get those your way, so

I'm guessing it's a driver issue here? Though if i try and install with the non-free drivers, it won't even boot the installer since lightdm then fails

You know there are some times (like summer time vacations) that a lot new users have time to try new distros, when at the same time several forum users who assist have gone for vacations. Then, having to answer every small/basic thing is getting too exhausting (which is not a problem other periods).
You will help yourself and anyone wants to assist if you read some basic things. I've already tried to point out.

It seems the ISO lacked some packages/configuration comparing Official ISOs.
You could try install video-linux config or even video-nvidia with mhwd.
For posting info from TTY use wgetpaste.
Do a full system update with pacman.
Install inxi and wgetpaste.

Or use another ISO that can work (i.e. XFCE4 or Manjaro Architect) and make it OB after installation.

If you don't understand the above, you may use forum search or man <some-command> for usage.


I appreciate your help, sorry if I'm missing something you deem obvious, newish to OB, and Manjaro, though have been running OB on the laptop without issue.

I'll see what I can do, again, thanks for taking the time. I may end up going with XFCE and just putting OB on as my WM.

Thanks again

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I actually got this to work. Here's the tale, wouldn't boot with non free drivers when installing from USB, lightdm would fail, though I could install with non free, but doing that left me with no signal.

In the end booting it with non free, installing, then booting with HDMI unplugged( guess no output it could detect) once I felt like it should have booted, plugged in, go image, updated drivers and no issues now.

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