No sound captured by internal microphone

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I cannot get the microphone to work in Manjaro. It works fine in Windows.
I tried the Archlinux troubleshooting, and that did not work. I looked at a bunch of post on the Manjaro forum and nothing seemed to fix it. Unless I did it all wrong, of course.

I got the also information file that was recommended in a bunch of postings that I saw.
Here it is:

Thank you!


details from ALSA to help users with similar hardware find this in forum search

Manufacturer:      ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC.
Product Name:      Strix 15 GL503GE

00:1f.3 Audio device [0403]: Intel Corporation Cannon Lake PCH cAVS [8086:a348] (rev 10)

Codec: Realtek ALC295

Cannon Lake Audio devices use a digital microphone array (for Cortana support on other OS)
need to install a later kernel version and package sof-firmwareto get microphone working

  • go to Manjaro Settings Manager > Kernel click Install to add kernel v5.5.11-1
    (keep older kernel for backup)
  • add firmware package - pamac install sof-firmware
  • reboot system to reload ALSA

see this previous post about similar laptop hardware - No Microphone

Thank you nikgnomic,

The newer kernel and firmware did not solve the issue.
Would you happen to any other idea?

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