NO sound from my Displayport (Fixed)

I am an absolute noob to Linux, i have tried a couple of times in the past but keped having problems. but i relay wont to give it a full shot this time.

i am Having problems with my DP TV not being recognized as a sound output option. i have tried some of the stuff that could fined googling but nothing has helped. and i know for a fact that the hardware is fine since it works in windows.

and i am sorry if this has been posited before. also let me know if there is any commands that i can do to give you all more info.

Can you post, which soundcards are recognized ?

there's an update just posted in the last hour that includes a new nvidia driver which specifically mentions fixing a sound over displayport bug.


Steranne: the update did not fix the problem.

Keruskerfuerst: it recognizes my HDMI monitor, my USB headset, and built-in audio stereo

inxi -Fxxxz also

CPU: 6-Core Intel Core i7-7800X (-MT MCP-) speed/min/max: 1200/1200/4000 MHz
Kernel: 4.19.56-1-MANJARO x86_64 Up: 1d 3h 56m
Mem: 2073.0/15721.3 MiB (13.2%) Storage: 465.76 GiB (10.0% used) Procs: 252
Shell: bash 5.0.7 inxi: 3.0.34

i don't see anything about sound card is there anything ells i can do to fined that?


i was doing some more googling and found a thread that suggested removing everything in ~/.config/pulse/ and restarted pulseaudio . then i when to the configuration tab of pulseaudio and under GP104High Definition Audio Controller in the configuration tab there was a drop down menu that was set to (HDMI 1) witch that is the HDMI port that has been working, but now when i go to change the profile (HDMI 3) was no longer showing (unplugged)(unavailable) next to it show i changed to that and now i am getting audio thew my Display-port that my TV was connected to.

i tried that once before the update came out so i think it was the combination of the two that fixed it.

thanks everyone for you help, this will make my experience with Manjaro a lot better.

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