No sound on ANY music player but not for VLC

Hi everyone, I am recently having a weird issue I can't dissect.

So, I have a great deal of music collection on my local storage and am dependent on it. I am using Clementine as my default music player. Things went perfectly well but once when I tried booting and playing my music, there's no sound!! The weird thing is that the seekbar can still be moved and the spectogram/visualization shows the current part like the music's playing (while it's actually not).


So yeah, I thought the issue is in the app. So I tried other apps. Amarok, Elisa, Cantata, etc. You name it. The error is still there. I can't play any music at all. The music is "playing" but no sound coming up from my laptop.

Curious, I tried opening a video with VLC. Surprisingly, normal sound coming up! The audio from the video comes up normally like there's no issue. Furthermore, when I tried playing an audio .mp3 file with my VLC, the sound comes up normally too!

So I deduce the problem is located within one of the dependencies used by the music apps, some codec or stuff. The thing is I dunno what package is that. I already googled arch wikis and forums but none in my observation experience the same thing.

Furthermore, if that problem comes from any AUR packages, it seems unlikely. I did try installing Clementine qt5 but that was just a test and I quickly replaced it with the stable community version.

So, can anyone help? I don't know how to produce any log or something for diagnosis so feel free to jump in.

If you start a player in Terminal/Konsole maybe the output couldt be helpful.

@capricolt Give this a shot, it can be a simple solution to all kinds of audio troubles:

Hi everyone! I just found the solution!

And I have to humbly admit that the error was due to my own mistake in overlooking KDE elements - which I am not get used to at this point of time. So turns out that when I tried putting the app to my latte dock, I noticed that there's this button on top left of my clementine - THE MUTE BUTTON!!!


As you can see on the uploaded picture above - it's right there. The thing is all this time, it seems that I misclick on it once and thus the effect is happening at once. I mean, it's a silly mistake! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

anw, I'm just somewhat amazed that KDE has this app-by-app muting system. Isn't that amazing? I dunno whether other DE has that feature.

Btw, it still doesn't explain why other apps fail to produce sound and got the same muted status, which caused me the confusion. Or maybe the muting system applies globally?

Well, anyway what's important is the issue is already solved and am thankful for all of your support on the situation. I hope in the future no one will repeat the same silly mistake :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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