No sound on Discord calls

I just installed Manjaro i3 and sound works fine on Firefox and Spotify, but when I join a call on Discord I can't hear anything from others, the only sound coming out from Discord is the sound it makes when joining a call, do I need to install Pulseaudio or something (Firefox marked it as an optional dependency but I did not install it)?

You're getting warm. :wink:

libpulse is an optional dependency of Discord for Pulseaudio support.

What is difference between that and the pulseaudio package?

I installed pulseaudio and I could hear calls on Discord but I did not like how it sounded on other programs that were fine, I removed pulseaudio and just leave libpulse but now Discord is broken again :frowning:

libpulse is the client library, pulseaudio is the sound server itself. Without pulseaudio, you may not have sound in Firefox, either.

Alternatively, you could see if Discord works with alibpulse (available in the AUR) if you only want to use ALSA.

Thank you, installing alibpulse from AUR did the trick

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