No sound (ubuntu ok / manjaro problem)

Did you try this?

You can also try to select different devices/sound cards in the alsamixer (F6).

If I understand you correctly, then you run KDE, you can try the plasma volume applet in the system tray, to check the volume on all devices, and switch devices.

Also check "System Settings" -> "Hardware" -> "Multimedia" for audio settings. Try changing devices, could be that one works, but for some reason did not get selected as default.

Another tool to try could be pavucontrol. I don't think it is included by default in the KDE version, so you will have to install the package.

Lastly, no offence, but did you update everything? I understand that you might prefer to update less frequently, but then a rolling release might not be the most appropriate for you, since they are built around frequent updates (i.e., quickly getting the latest version of every package).

"pulse audio dummy output" seems to be a common problem, might be some working tips in other places. Good luck!

I have offered a few suggestions you appear to have ignored or inxi -Fxxxz might have revealed model number of laptop to help look for information on a quirk or fix
I will leave it to you to research your specific laptop hardware and rt5645 codec might also have shown this to be a just due to an incorrect level setting or mute in ALSA audio.
You can check this for yourself in alsamixer as already suggested

I could have tried some more with speaker-test commands, but as first two suggested didn't go to plan was no chance to try some variations

I see from kernel version you posted earlier that you still refuse to update

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