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I have so a fresh install and i choose the option to erase all hard disc. All went fine but i see that is no swap partition. Its OK that i dont have one?

Your computer would freeze if it is out of RAM

Well that would depend on your physical memory amount (ram) and what you are using that machine for. When you ran the installation media there was a drop down menu you must have overlooked with the options of 1. No swap 2. Swap no hibernate and 3. Swap with hibernate.

4gb RAM and installed KDE. For typical daily use. Sure overlooked it. I must now reinstall. What option is best to choose?

You don't *have to * reinstall but it is your decision. As for which option it is up to you. most people use suspend and not hibernate. You might want to do some more reading into swap files versus swap partitions, etc and find what you think fits your workflow the best.

Reinstall. If you have the time and willing to read some wikis, then make a swapfile.

like said before, just use a swapfile if you need swap. no need to reinstall.
Also if you really want to use a swap partition, it should be possible to shrink a partition and use the unused space for swap (if you shrink a partition that contains important files copy these files to another partition/ external drive/...).


There is no need to reinstall. That is a waste of time. I prefer using a /swapfile over a swap partition

Because you have 4GB RAM, I recommend you to make a /swapfile of at least 8GB. You can follow the directions here:


It isn't ideal. If you want some swap, make a partition with the "linux-swap" filesystem in gparted.
Then add this to /etc/fstab, replacing X with the drive letter of swap.

/dev/sdX swap swap defaults 0 0

Finally, run swapon /dev/sdX

You may also look into a swapfile. There are any tutorials for making it.

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You can create a swapfile without reinstalling. Reinstalling is a little over kill.

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Use systemd-swap : no need to reinstall, no /swapfile need, the swap space will only be (temporarily) created if needed.

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I did the same thing on my first PC. The option is kind of "hidden" during the install process. Luckily I found it on my second PC install which has less ram. My first PC at least has 16GB of ram and I did the reduce swap fix thing changing it to default (60) percent, I guess, swap usage to (10), again because I have so much ram...and now no swap.

Reduce Swapiness

Thank you all for the replies. But i did a reinstall before i see your answers. It took me some time but all is well now.

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