No windows boot option in grub after manjaro restore with timeshift

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I was changing my graphics drivers and I uninstalled the bumblebee drivers for a pure nvidia driver. After a restart, when I booted into manjaro I got a black screen. So I decided to boot into windows on the same PC (I have dualboot) to create a live USB. After I got into the live usb os I installed timeshift and restored to the latest, except it wouldn't work until I switched the /boot/ from the original to some other one (sdb1). Timeshift said that either "/" or "/boot" had to unencrypted for the restore work. After that I got manjaro to boot no problem but grub now doesn't show windows in the boot options. I tried sudo update-grub but that didn't help. Help would be very appreciated! Just give me detailed steps if you need me to do anything or provide you with information as I'm still new to the whole linux thing.
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That's an epidemy. Several users can't see their Windows despite update-grub.

This may be due to a faulty /etc/fstab.
Possibly this post helps

In any case
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