Non-Manjaro packages which have been flagged as needing an update

This is a "holding" thread for packages flagged as needing an update but which originate from Arch.

Out-of-date Manjaro-specific packages should be reported here:

Out-of-date Arch package should be reported on their associated package pages.


I have noticed that Minitube available in the repo does not work, but the one that is available in AUR goes perfectly. I attach a screenshot:

Thank you very much and greetings!! :slight_smile:

I'm on it :wink:

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Thank you!! :grinning:

Minitube is an arch pkg not a manjaro pkg .. i think aur version work because is compiled now .. the arch version is build on 05/08/2016 is usefull open a ticket in arch .. temporary i can build and upload ..

Ups... I think that I'm understand now... On Pamac, when I install a package from core, extra, community and multilib I'm installing from Archlinux repos, is this right? I feel silly... :sweat:

not really. all repository (core, extra, etc) have package from arch and or manjaro.
you can know with the maintener name. or if it's listed in manjaro github.

You can see the name of packager to know if is a our overlay or archlinux packages :wink: btw for the moment i can recompile minitube waiting the arch rebuild i hope .. and yes @scachemaille say right

@scachemaille @Ste74 Thank you very much for the info!! :grinning:

The last question... And, where in the forum is the best place to suggest and debate about adopting new packages?


Temporary i have add minitube in our overlay ( i think the arch pkgs are broken because missing the api key ) ..
For the debate or request packages i think the development section is ok but in the forum already exist tread to speak how aur pkgs are needed @eugen-b , @excalibur1234 also can suggest the better place ... only remember we are a little team :slight_smile:

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Hey there,

The Atom text editor have a new stable version, the 1.17.0, I thought that today update (2017-05-19) would bring it to the distribution, but it didn't, so I decided to post it here :smile:

As I can see at Archpage atom 1.16.0-1 is flagged out-of-date from 2017-05-16, so I assume that will be upgraded in the coming days to 1.17.0.

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playonlinux is out of date i think, the new version is 4.2.11

@balo Payonlinux is an Archlinux pkgs , already flagged out of date
@Melvinkooi Gtk-Youtube-Viewer was added by Sonar Linux Dev , i don't know if we really need this pkg . I think i can move out of our repos if anyone of our @Maintainers and @Manjaro-Team use it .

Latte-Dock (for KDE, found here) released their 0.7.0 version several hours ago. It's already been flagged out of date in arch. It's been about 600 commits since the last release, so I'm excited to see the newest stuff they've added. I'm not particularly familiar with how you guys get updates into your system, but I thought I'd make people aware. Thanks for your time and patience.

qupzilla has changed name to Falkon web browse, and is now a part of kde applications.

From :

QupZilla was renamed to Falkon and moved to KDE infrastructure

New repository is now available at
This repository at GitHub will only be used for 2.2 release and after that will be made read-only.

So, please remove qupzilla and add falkon instead.

We have to ask at @excalibur1234 and at @Kirek if are interested of porting this .. qupzilla come from Arch so maybe Arch in the near future switch into Falkon

As Ste74 said is packaged upstream

and there isn't a stable version out

i assume that "qupzilla" will be replaced with "falkon" on our systems automatically in the not so distant future when it comes down from arch linux to manjaro.

If someone is using it on iso, please remember to update iso-profiles repo when the change comes...

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