Non-Manjaro packages which have been flagged as needing an update

codeblocks is a package that comes from upstream Arch, it's not packaged by the Manjaro team.

It's flagged as out-of-date in Arch since 2020-03-29:

I guess that at some point it will get updated to the latest version in Arch and it will find its way to Manjaro.

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arc-gtk-theme 20190917-1 is out of date and the repository has been archived by the owner.

Btw there is a fork by jnsh if you mind.

arc-gtk-theme is an Arch community package and 20190917 is the latest release. They may switch to jnsh's fork it when the project matures, see FS#65901. If you want to use the fork in the meantime, there is an AUR package, arc-gtk-theme-jnsh-git.

So Liferea had released an update a while ago. The version in the repos is currently 1.12.7, so is there anything blocking it from getting updated? Thanks

That comes from Arch.

It looks like it has been flagged out-of-date since March.

Teamspeak 3 client is outdated, I'm not sure if I should report it here though. It is in community repo.

teamspeak3 is an Arch community package, not a Manjaro-specific package. It's already updated and is currently in the Manjaro unstable and testing branches. You'll see it in the next stable update.


Chromium in Manjaro is still version 81, while on Arch it's 83 like it should

chromium is an Arch extra package, not a Manjaro-specific package. It's currently in the Manjaro unstable and testing repos:

Please see:

Shouldn't high risk packages like browsers be pushed more rapidly. I know firefox is, why isn't chromium too?

Is there a critical vulnerability fixed by the this release or is this a feature release?

Couldn't find the chromium equivelant but both (Security and features):

It looks like nothing critical though.

Yes you are right. No Remote Code Execution or anything extremely serious.

Firefox 77 was released yesterday.

It was pushed to the Manjaro unstable branch yesterday:

Apparently mozilla fixed some severe security vulnerability with v77, Arch has shipped it in their stable branch. Manjaro should too.

streamlink needs to be updated in order to work with streamlink-twitch-gui

streamlink is an Arch Community package, not a Manjaro-specific package.

streamlink-twitch-gui is an AUR package that hasn't been updated since 2016. I think you may have things backwards.

Oh, I see the problem. From the add/remove software GUI streamlink is labeled as being from the Official Repository until you actually click into its page, where it's labeled community. I'll install it from AUR, sorry for the unneeded post.

And the streamlink-twitch-gui on AUR I'm using was updated on the 31st, not sure which one you're referring to.

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