Non-Manjaro packages which have been flagged as needing an update

Oh, I see the problem. From the add/remove software GUI streamlink is labeled as being from the Official Repository until you actually click into its page, where it's labeled community. I'll install it from AUR, sorry for the unneeded post.

And the streamlink-twitch-gui on AUR I'm using was updated on the 31st, not sure which one you're referring to.

I meant the project itself hasn't seen any activity since 2016.

Please update xkeyboard-config to 2.30-2 (which is available from Arch Linux). It's very important because many of us who use keymaps from bd or in can't write in our languages.

It is currently in unstable.

You could try installing it straight from unstable.

sudo pacman -U

Krita from 4.29 to 4.30

Not a Manjaro package, it's imported from Arch Linux.
Read the first message before posting. :wink:

When are we getting version 3.4 of Warzone 2100 for Manjaro? The new version of the game was released on June 24th (three weeks ago). I noticed yesterday that the game was updated to version 3.4 on my Ubuntu laptop. However, my Manjaro laptop is still on version 3.3. I'm running the testing release of Manjaro. I checked to see if there is an update to the game in the official repo; there wasn't. I also checked the AUR, but I only found a copy of Warzone2100-git with a weird release number that begins with a R. It's weird that a new version game has been out for over 3 weeks, is already on Ubuntu, but hasn't hit Manjaro yet.

It's been flagged out of date in the Arch community repo since June 25th. When the package maintainer updates it, then Manjaro will get it like any other Arch package:

That is a VCS package that pulls from the latest git commit. You could consider that an alpha or beta version.

The r means revision followed by the number of revisions since beginning of the history. The numbers and letters after the dot represents the SHA1 commit hash. There are tags / releases, so it also could also be represented as 3.4.0.rXXX.XXX counting from the last tagged release.

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the R represents the commits number (changes in source code) at the time the package maintainer aur made the update.
But if you install this git today, you don't install this version (r15440) but the version of the day with all the latest commits (15 454 commits now).

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Waiting for Gajim 1.2 update. It´s already available for the Arch repo.

is in testing, so only wait next stable update...

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gajim is an Arch extra package, not a Manjaro-specific package. As mentioned, v1.2.1 is in the Manjaro testing repo.

See here:


Please update youtube-dl. Youtube changes its API and there is critical bug fix in 2020.07.28

Well that was quick, thanks Manjaro.

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Looks like discord on stable is unhappy:

It was already mentioned in the wrong place. :wink:

python-reportlab 3.5.42-2 is an empty package, importing 3.5.42-3 would be sufficent

bug introduced

bug fixed

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