Non-Manjaro packages which have been flagged as needing an update


Not updated since Jan 2016.


It is an Arch package and it is already flagged as out-of-date

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Please update Opera Browser to opera 49.0.2725.34

thank you

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It's already updated in manjaro's unstable branch. Just wait a bit until it arrives in the stable branch too. :slight_smile:

They are both Arch packages, which you can track here

To know if a package is built from Manjaro or Arch look at packager field in pamac, if the email address end with or


Hedgewars is out of date (0.9.22, 0.9.23 was released on 2017.11.12)

Hedgewars is an Arch package and is flagged as out-of-date upstream

OK thx for the answer and sorry, not used to the differences, I'll take a closer look in the future.

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In pamac go into package details, look at packager field, if the email address end with is packaged by a Manjaro team memeber

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Radare2 2.2.0 was released some time ago and doesn't seen to be neither on Testing or Unstable branch, can you, guys, look at it?


It's an Arch package, and it's flagged out-of-date:

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I can't find winff in the repo anymore

~ >>> pacman -Si winff                                                                       
error: package 'winff' was not found
~ >>> pacaur -Si winff                                                                    [1]
:: Package winff not found in repositories, trying AUR...
Repository      : aur
Name            : winff [installed: 1.5.4-3]
Version         : 1.5.5+f721e4d-1
Description     : GUI for ffmpeg
URL             :
AUR Page        :
Licenses        : GPL3  
Keywords        : None
Groups          : ?
Provides        : None
Depends on      : ffmpeg  gtk2  
Make Deps       : lazarus  lazarus-gtk2  gendesk  tar  git  
Optional Deps   : None
Conflicts With  : None
Replaces        : None
Maintainer      : vorbote
Popularity      : 3.83
Votes           : 5
Out of Date     : No
Submitted       : Fri 05 Jan 2018 05:42:40 PM CET
Last Modified   : Fri 26 Jan 2018 01:43:07 PM CET

Was it dropped in Arch or in Majaro?
Last update was [Testing Update] 2017-09-15 - Calamares, Kernels, VirtualBox, Bluez

It was dropped from Arch to AUR on 2018-01-05

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Hi. I use Manjaro stable and have been satisfied with the smooth updates most times.
I found in Arch Linux site a feature to flag packages as out-of-date, then I flagged Rosegarden 17.04 and they kindly updated it. However it doesn't appear on Manjaro repos yet.
In recent years Rosegarden has been a very stable application and its team has released only 2 or 3 updates a year. So it's very unlikely that Rosegarden will cause any problems in other system components or be hard for packagers to test. I just don't do it myself because I don't know how.
Can you, please, push the Rosegarden 17.12 update that are already available in Arch repos to Manjaro stable updates?

as manjaro is little behind arch.. you will have to wait the next stable update.
or check the wiki to temporarly swith to unstable to update just this package if it won't break because of dependencies

it's just that maybe it was build with libraries that are not yet on stable.. so it may not work.

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Not unless it's a security update. Otherwise, they'll be rolled down as normal with the rest of the package updates. If you're impatient, switch to the testing or unstable branches.

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Thank you for your answers. Once I used the wiki instructions and installed one package from testing. (I don't recall what package it was but it worked.)
Now I hadn't thought that the package might be in unstable or in testing. But since Rosegarden is not very complaining about dependencies version I decided to do things an easier way.
I went to this site. Browsed the files in the unstable/community repo, found rosegarden 17.12, downloaded it together with the .sig file and then used octopi's "install local package" option.
Rosegarden 17.12 is already running and working and I didn't had to access unstable/testing branches the long way.
Thank you.

Finally, VLC 3.0 has landed in the Extra repository of Arch Linux. Does this change will reflect on Manjaro repos?


Wrong section @acutbal, this is for packages built by Manjaro team, for VLC 3 is the usual flow of updates

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Ops... I'm apologizes... :smirk: Thank you very much for the tip!! :grin:

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