Non-Manjaro packages which have been flagged as needing an update

@Ste74 Please update:
toxcore from 0.1.11-2 to 0.2.0
qtox from 1.13.0-2 to 1.14.1


Both pkgs comes from arch linux i.e. are maintained by arch :wink:

I am not able to install dmd (which is in the repos). It tries to download it, together with libphobos, but it fails, probably because it is trying to download outdated package versions.

Thank you!

dmd and libphobos are at the same version as Arch (both at 1:2.082.1-1) and install fine here on Manjaro Stable

Which error give?
Do you have updated your mirror list?

@jonathon I think this should be moved back to his own topic (packages are imported from Arch and 'it works for me' )

Don't know where to post this so posting here.


At first look, Virtual Machine Manager (virt-install) looks like the GUI application but it's not. It is the command line version while virt-manager is the GUI application. It is also described in a very confusing way. You won't know which to install if you want the GUI app.


The virt-manager application is a desktop user interface for managing virtual machines through libvirt.

virt-install is a command line tool which provides an easy way to provision operating systems into virtual machines.

It needs to be retitled and described better.
The icon also makes it look like a GUI app.

Rename Virtual Machine Manager (virt-install) to just virt-install.
Rename virt-manager to Virtual Machine Manager (virt-manager) or just virt-manager.

The mirror list is updated.
It looks for libphobos-1:2.082.0-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz
but there is a new version in the repositories. Then it says that it does not find the older version. The same with dmd

Change mirror and update pacman database

Samba? Version 4.9.2 was just released

samba is an Arch package, see How to identify a package's origin?

Scratch (the block coding app) is still on version 1.4 which is very old. I use scratch in an education environment on our manjaro systems and scratch 1.4 is very out of date for your projects and we are stuck to using scratch in the browser. The latest the AUR has is 2.4 and currently Scratch Desktop is on version 3.0. Please update

  1. Scratch is an Arch package
  2. Scratch 1.4 is not the same as Scratch 2.

LibreOffice 6.0.2 (Fresh) and 6.1.5 (Still) are the current release builds upstream. All of Manjaro's repositories still carry 6.1.4 and 6.0.7 according to the repology package lookup tool. Please update manjaro unstable builds as Arch have 6.0.2 and 6.1.5 in their testing repo. Thanks :wink:

Unless I am missing something here, libreoffice is packaged by Arch. Doesn't that mean we get it in unstable shortly after it gets to Arch stable?

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Manjaro takes Libre Office directly from Arch; they do not build the package themselves. So yeah, it'll be imported eventually on Unstable and naturally go in Testing, then Stable.

EDIT: Ah, it's not even on Arch Stable yet. My bad. :upside_down_face:

They import packages from Arch Stable. Let them test out the new Libre Office first. When it'll be on Arch Stable, we'll get it on Unstable like 1-2 days after.

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We (in Arch) are presently at LO Fresh vers., Build ID 6.1.4-5, Still is @ 6.0.7-4.

Yeah I misunderstood when packages from Arch got to Manjaro unstable. I thought it was when they were in Arch testing so apologies for jumping the gun here

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is 10.8 in repo and latest is 10.9

kvantum itself comes from Arch Linux. (kvantum-manjaro is a collection of themes.)

Version 0.10.9 has been published today on Stable. It might take a while before your mirror get it though.

Geary has a new version, now at v.0.13.0.

Regards!! :grin:

It is an Arch package..

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