Non-Manjaro packages which have been flagged as needing an update

Is it a security-related update? If not (and it's nothing personal) then I don't care as I don't use it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

More seriously, I'll have a look but I don't promise anything on timescale.

Well, bump the pkgver in the PKGBUILD and install it manually then. :wink:

Well, it doesn't have to be you especially. :upside_down_face:

But it still has to be done ASAP in general.

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Arch Linux has just released discord 0.0.10-1.

I downloaded the package and made the upgrade to this version with the file I downloaded (for science) and it works fine on my side so far. I am on Stable branch currently. :slight_smile:


The package just hit unstable too, it should be pushed to all branches as soon as possible. No reason to wait around for this due other packages are being tested.

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Are you lost? Discord is in the Arch community repo as already mentioned. It's an Electron app, so installing it ahead of a Manjaro stable update will do no harm. However, with a lot of other applications there could definitely be an issue doing so. In that regard, you have a very valid point.

FYI, I maintain over 100 (I lost count) AUR packages with mostly no issues using Manjaro testing.

...and we're getting too much into a discussion in a thread where that's considered off-topic.

If necessary, @jonathon or @dalto could split this into a #general-discussion topic.

android-tools (29.0.5-2) is out-of-date
It's r29.0.6 now

You can flag it out-of-date here:

However, I don't see any reference to 29.0.6 on the page you linked to? The latest version under Revisions is 29.0.5.

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Thank you very much!

The download version is 29.0.6-6198805

repo comes from google but I think it is packaged by arch?
This is at 2.3-1 and says 2.4 is out, not sure how to flag it out of date?

hplip-3.20.2 is not working. Installation for plugin fails with missmatch checksum/corrupted file.
Manual installation of ppd could not detect ppds, blank file. Had to downgrade to previous version, need a working printer.
HP provides hplip-3.20.3

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Which is now in testing.

I think it is fixing a printing problem I recently noticed in stable (but I need to do more testing before I post there):

Edit: Fix confirmed: "Can't detect file type" and "Filter failed" Errors on HP LaserJet Professional P1102 after Manjaro 19.0.2 update

Seamonkey is out-of-date.
The latest version is 2.53.1

Our version is 2.49.4

Also, please, please, provide languages packs for seamonkey, as they are provided for thunderbird, firefox and palemoon

seamonkey is not a Manjaro-specific package, it is packaged by Arch. It was flagged out of date in September last year:
It seems that no package maintainer wants to maintain the package or has enough time to maintain it. If no maintainer is found, I guess it will be dropped soon.

The new update appeared after three years!

codeblocks is a package that comes from upstream Arch, it's not packaged by the Manjaro team.

It's flagged as out-of-date in Arch since 2020-03-29:

I guess that at some point it will get updated to the latest version in Arch and it will find its way to Manjaro.

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arc-gtk-theme 20190917-1 is out of date and the repository has been archived by the owner.

Btw there is a fork by jnsh if you mind.

arc-gtk-theme is an Arch community package and 20190917 is the latest release. They may switch to jnsh's fork it when the project matures, see FS#65901. If you want to use the fork in the meantime, there is an AUR package, arc-gtk-theme-jnsh-git.

So Liferea had released an update a while ago. The version in the repos is currently 1.12.7, so is there anything blocking it from getting updated? Thanks

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