non-primary display is used as primary if positioned above the primary one

Hello, sorry for the rather wonky title but can't describe it in few words.
So my problem is that if i'll setup the displays like that
the Samsung TV will be used as primary regardless of LG screen being set as primary, i can switch it all around and nothing will change (same way if i'll put the TV as primary, and then move the LG above it then the LG will joink the "primaryness" of the TV).
So basically whatever will be set on top is taken as primary display whatsoever.
Is there some way to override this? I have the TV above my main screen physically so it's more natural to move mouse upwards than to the side to get to it.

forgot to add, it's on RX570, the LG is on DVI and Samsung on HDMI

Hi erulisse,

Welcome to the forum.

How do you deduce which one is the primary one? Is it possibly based on which screen displays the Panel?

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