Not able to create partition during Windows install

So i just got my pc back and it had nothing so i used a pen to install windows since i only had a windows pen at the time, it all went good and i installed windows on the ssd( i have an ssd and an hdd), well then i downloaded manjaro and installed it in the place of windows and planned in using the hdd to install windows since i wanted to have a boot of windows for games. So after installing manjaro on the ssd i tried installing windows on the hdd but an error showed up saying that it couldn't create a partition, i looked for answers online and it only got me some random error when i selected the drive to install. this is weird because i used to have windows and manjaro and it all went smooth, and even when i installed windows on the ssd no error showed up, could this be a hdd problem?

Is the HDD formatted already? Such as EXT4 used by linux?

As @cscs pointed out, if your partition is currently formatted ext4, then Windows cannot see it. Windows is unable to read anything that is not NTFS or FAT. You’ll need to use a Linux live USB to shrink an existing Linux partition for Windows to use. (Or reformat the entire drive if you are planning on single booting.)

I tried formatting it in ntfs and even not formatted, the problem is not that i think, since windows does detect the drives and when i select the drive that i have linux in(ssd) its shows a different problem than when i select the hdd, but maybe it is in read mode and i have missed some step, so if i am on linux now how would should i format the drive. I rly didnt want to reinstall manjaro again, I would like to try everything first.

Remove the SSD to install Windows this may help also is the SSD and HDD both the same they should be gpt not Msdos and is the bios correct for the latest win install.


I didn’t see that you were installing with two separate drives. Try @mandog‘s suggestion.

It worked, thank you.

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