Not boot normally, only get it started from the live of manjaro when I tell him to detect efibots in the live menu

good morning to all
I can not boot normally in an asus notebook,
I only get it started from the live of manjaro when I tell him to detect efibots in the live menu, then I get this image and start the installed system. I do not know what to do. Thank you



the first post here.

You can boot up using your way (detect efi bootloaders) or the way in the link.
Doesn't matter, as long as it boots.

Don't forget to do the 2 additional uefi commands there in addtition to step 6.
Since you have Asus, if you still have difficulty, look at the link under "Difficult uefi setups". Hopefully it does not apply to you.

Good luck.

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Having to use a livecd on a laptop just to boot isn't practical at all, of course.

For me it was the same way on my HP laptop because I still had secure boot enabled. Once I disabled that in the UEFI and installed manjaro, the laptop booted straight to the grub menu and to the installed system.

Hi guys, how about your day out there?
First of all, thank you very much, it is true that Manjaro is a great family

gohlip: I had already read your post before putting the first message, and if I think that the reinstallation of the grub simply it was solved as you say.It is my ignorance what happened (it was the first time I saw this of the efis, uefis although if I had read a lot about them, in fact my pc is a 12 year old Johnnie Walker !!!)

The problem that arose from the beginning is that manjaro (squid) only gave me the option to install the grub on hard disk, not on sda1 (partition efi of 512mb), but in effect it started the installed system since detecting efiboot), it was going to follow your instructions (grub-install), and I think I would have gotten it easily, but in the end my nephew liked elementary or ubuntu and end up installing the two (it will be for when you get tired of one of them when I'll give him a treat)

PD: If I let manjaro do the automatic installation, what I did was a unique partition of 698gb, and that I did not like, and as I say did not go the option of selecting sda1.

Sincerely and wishing you a great day to all, a pleasure to read

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