Not booting

I've installed Manjaro all fine but I'm getting a flashing cursor after systemd boot.

No tty
Nothing working

I don't know what I can do

Use search function :slight_smile:

Black screen when booting !!
Newbie Corner
16d - ...njaro xfce 18.04,It works without problems, but at boot time there is a problem with the graphics card After select grub the menu, the screen will be blacked out until show desktop. During the boot process, the screen is black, also screen is black when goto suspend and wake up. how to fix? Graphics: Dev...
long time wake up after suspend
Newbie Corner
16d - when goto "suspend", wacke up 30seconds black screen then show " lock screen " after enter password 35seconds black screen then show desktop) , Is it a problem for you when suspend? systemd-analy...
Black Screen on Every Boot
Newbie Corner cinnamon nvidia
1. Juli - ...Laptops, one 15" and one 17" I installed Manjaro 18.04 Cinnamon and everything is working beautifully. The only problem is on every boot is goes to a black screen. To resolve I have to do the following: Switch to a text console with CTRL + ALT + F2 , log in then run: sudo pacman-mirrors -f3 sudo pacman -...
Can’t login - black screen & chroot guide
Technical Issues and Assistance Tutorials
24. Apr. - Hi, I've heard yaourt is obsolete (-;
black screen no cursor
Newbie Corner
29. Mai - ...lly. I installed dual windows and manjaro on my Hp Pavillion dv6600 I then deleted my windows 7 and manjaro drive. i reset it and it now only goes to black screen without a cursor.I havent been able to fix this computer, its been a year. I searched the web, i tried downloading bios usb because i cant act...
Manjaro installer black screen
Newbie Corner xfce nvidia
24d - ...with the .iso flashed on it successfully, but after hitting Boot: Manjaro.x86-64 xfce and waiting for a while, my computer seems to stay in an empty black screen, with a blinking cursor on top. By pressing Alt+F2 I am able to log in as manjaro and execute commands freely. Here's what I get from executin...
[SOLVED] Black Screen before login page
Technical Issues and Assistance kde
28d - Hi i need some help, i install manjaro kde on my laptop. At first boot all went black before login screen, when i move the mouse or just click a button login screen pop up... How can i solve this? Sry for my bad english

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