Nvidia 2060 Super not working after switch from AMD RX570 [SOLVED]

Hey I am using manjaro without some desktop packages and recently upgraded from an AMD 570 to a nvidia 2060 super, however since then manjaro no longer will boot to my login screen. I am able to see the boot into grub but then just darkness, tried with hdmi/display port no change. Was able to uninstall the drivers using ctrl+alt+f2 and then tried installing both free and non free drivers for linux, neither which resulted in a difference. We also tried a linux live stick with both free / non free as well as adding some options to boot like "acpi_osi=! acpi_osi="Windows 2009" no luck with any of it and gave up for now...

extra nfo to help narrow down
for windows it seems to be working fine for the most part, other then if I plug something in, sometimes it will take a minute or 2 to detect, and it will not output to my HDMI TV at all, just stuck signal detecting. That should rule out the port being defective, I also have a hdmi screen that works, but if I swap it with tv it doesnt.

Im fairly new to linux but happy to learn! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! thank you!

Can you provide the output of mhwd -li and mhwd -l


also I reinstalled nvidia drivers on windows and fixed the TV issue, so only having problems with linux atm

Is your system fully up-to-date? Also, is that card supported by the nvidia linux drivers yet?

the system im not sure, i may have done an update last week or 2 weeks ago, is there a way I can do that with what I have access to?? also found this https://nvidiageforcedrivers.com/nvidia-geforce-rtx-2060-super-driver-for-linux/

That does not look like a reputable site. I wouldnt suggest downloading anything from there..

It looks like it should be supported by the 430 driver series

sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syyu
And reboot ..
You should see mhwd/MSM giving you the nvidia option..
If not it may be a bug in identification and you should force install.

Unfortunately it looks like timeshift is sabotaging the process, I tried to do it again, but it does it give me time to select a device, it just auto aborts. is there a way to disable timeshift, or set a device for it to backup to?


sudo pacman -R timeshift-autosnap

Tromjaro comes with the autosnap so try remove it for now.

Thank you Tio, that worked I was then able to update and remove the drivers, reinstalling with sudo mhwd -i pci video-nvidia installed and upon reboot I could get to the login splash screen! Thank you everyone for your help! =]

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