Nvidia and making music

Hey, I want to have "some low latency kernel or realtime" and NVIDIA installed at the same time. I like to play some games on steam, but mainly I make music. I don't really need real-time kernel cus it will consume too much CPU for my plugins, that's what I think

I can have a latency about 3-5 ms when I record stuff. but I also need NVIDIA.

Is there a kernel that will work? when I try the linux-rt kernel here I get warnings about efivars not loaded and I get no graphic when I boot. What's up whit that?

NVIDIA is installed and works with normal kernel but not for the real-time kernel?

Okej I searched this forum and google for linux-rt and nvidia-rt found nothing.
but I found out this was too easy to be true. I always had problems with nvidia and realtime with other distros.

linux52-nvidia* look for these packs :smiley: :smiley:
I'm so happy it worked I love Manjaro!!!

Okej there is nothing in the wiki about this. Can I write it?
There should be a wiki page about linux-rt and everything about it, drivers, configurations and similar.

standard kernel in Arch kernel performs better for realtime audio than lowlatency on other distributions (IMO)

no problem with nvidia drivers on either normal or RT so don't need a special kernel like Liquorix
for basic recording and many other workflows, latency is not usually an issue
more important to not have any x-runs for clean recording

recommend a tool for optimising system for JACK realtimeconfigquickscan that will check and advise any system changes required. check for RT kernel can be ignored, but other suggested changes will resolve many JACK issues

3-5ms period latency is achievable in cadence
but qjackctl latency includes periods/buffer multiplier, so latency displayed is 2 or 3 times higher value for same settings
for more about latency see - https://wiki.linuxaudio.org/wiki/jack_latency_tests

also suggest check @unfa youtube channel to see Manjaro in use for music creation

there has not been much discussion on here about using JACK so may need to ask more questions

usual problem with plugins is not that they use too much CPU but that user has added too many plugins!
if the plugins cannot be minimised, plugin host with minimal GUI (jack_rack) may help, (but not often IMO)

What I meant there was about priority for the CPU, how it effect CPU power if it has less time to be done with the calculation.

you need to see system changes recommended by hdajackretask
anything found to be 'not good' has a url with more information
there are a adjustments for increasing system priorities for audio
and changing power management from 'on-demand' to 'performance'

When I installed the rt kernel I get a broken system. Seems like pacman don't see the Nvidia kernel driver as an dependency. When the Nvidia drivers was already installed. I feel like this should be documented if the user is suppose choose. Its a bit hard on a new user that just installed with non-free drivers.

Also I'm wondering are people using it for gaming? That would be insane?
I know they use it for CNC and robots but for gaming?

nvidia driver is not listed as optional dependency for rt kernel packages
need to install nvidia driver matched to rt kernel

for 5.2rt kernel
pamac search linux-rt-manjaro-nvidia
for list of all driver versions available to install

realtime would be excessive for ordinary gaming
but for user wanting to stream game to internet may need JACK to mix game audio; microphone & maybe teamspeak/discord calls to online stream
can still do that on normal kernel too

i think some users are assuming incorrectly that rt kernel must make everything better/faster
but giving too much priority to audio can negatively affect graphic display or make mouse movement erratic

well It works perfectly for me I played some games on steam an I have no mouse lags or anything. No difference. Maybe if I run music programs in the background while gaming.

if everything except nvidia driver is working best to leave it alone

i would normally deal with nvidia driver in manjaro-settings-manager

but most posts on here about nvidia drivers use mhwd commands for accuracy
based on this wiki page - Configure NVIDIA (non-free)

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