[Nvidia] Deprecation of 340xx driver series

We had a good run with Nvidia 340xx driver series. However, at some point also we have to drop that driver. With Manjaro 19.0 release we will remove that driver from mhwd-db. This means the driver won't be recommended or detected by our distro by default. 340.108 was the last release by Nvidia to support X 1.20 and Kernel 5.4. As soon as there is an update to X that driver is gone.

  • Keep nvidia-340xx in the repos as long as possible
  • Drop nvidia-340xx right now

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Really bad news for me, I can't use the free drivers due a temperature issue:

Maybe it's time to install again macOS on my beloved MacBook Pro and try to sell it...

:smiley: :cry:

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Is it possible for users of hardware only supported by 340.xx to add the Xorg packages required to the ignored package list without screwing up the GUI? If so, then they can stay on Kernel 5.4 or 4.19 until their hardware dies and carry on using the deprecated driver.

I can understand removing it from the new ISO but if the above is possible for existing installs then best leave it in the repository as long as possible.

@acutbal - you could do this, there's no need to reinstall when a new ISO comes out

EDIT - based on responses in the thread, clearly nobody should try excluding Xorg packages. It was a tentative suggestion dependent on what answers were given anyway.


It's a solution, despite I don't have any remotely idea how to do that, I can figure out how to manage it.
My principal concern is if this fix will be a long term solution, this laptop works really well considering its old hardware...

It should be, but I'd wait for confirmation from one of the manjaro maintainers.

in the file /etc/pacman.conf there's a line to add ignored packages. you remove the # from the start of it and add package names separated by a space. then save the change. that's it, easy and quick.

also, when a deprecated package is removed from repositories it doesn't get removed from your machine. keep a regular backup of your system (use external media since it's a laptop so that if the one internal drive dies you can recover it to a new drive) so that should something go wrong you can recover the current working configuration. Timeshift is my recommendation. Usage of this is covered elsewhere on the forum so I won't go into it. Please use the search function.

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Unfortunately no. It will only work for a while, but sooner or later, a rebuild of Xorg will be needed because of a new version of one or more dependencies that isn't backward compatible.

You would also have to maintain the Nvidia drivers, as sometime, you have to rebuild the kernel module because of an update of your Linux kernel.


So the affected users will have to switch to say CentOS or Debian which updates the Xorg stack once every 7 or so years :wink:

Indeed, yes. Those users who absolutely need 340.xx will have to go on a distribution that still offers a Xorg version that is compatible with Nvidia 340.xx, most likely a fixed-release distro.

Unless the nouveau driver works properly.

I doubt Manjaro will start to maintain many versions of Xorg in parallel just to support specific legacy Nvidia drivers. They did something like that for Catalyst (old proprietary AMD drivers for their GPUs) a while ago, and they dropped support for it completely.


I remember that and the aggro it caused, I guess phil is trying to gauge the interest/need for doing the same for the old nvidia driver so he's not wasting valuable time and resources for nothing.

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That's what I thought, in my case t only have two options: Migrate to another distro or get rid of the laptop... :pleading_face:


More seriously, something like that happens each time there is a major update of Xorg: NVIDIA eventually stops to adapt their old drivers to the new versions of Xorg.

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If you are planning on getting rid of it, may wanna look and see if the Nouveau project is interested in testing that that unit: https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/HardwareDonations/

That way other people may one day be able to run Nouveau on that Macbook with no issues :slight_smile:

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And here i was, thinking that i should upgrade my computer soon. Guess i'll start looking for real now...
Do we have an estimate when it'll be actually dropped here (if not kept for some time, i mean) ?

Really sad :frowning:

I have Lenovo T510, with four cores i5 , SSD... that laptop is a bit old
but it's components are not so bad. But it has (optimus) nvidia card wich
is supported by 340.xx drivers.

What is the reason for droping those? nvidia is not working on them any more?
I can't understand any other reason for dropping them besides that one.

Reading ... it helps understanding things ....


Because a major update of Xorg is expected to appear in a near future, and Nvidia won't make 340.xx compatible with this new version of Xorg. Manjaro is asking if they could deprecate Nvidia 340.xx right now and removes it from repos, or if it should be postponed for as long as we are on a compatible version of Xorg.


A yeah, sorry, my bad... so it's on nvidia. Well... it was good while it lasted :slight_smile:

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Well they could do the honourable thing and release the entire 340.xx code to the nouveau project but I reckon hell will freeze over before that happens.


Haha, wet dreams... :frowning:

Its not even your jest .. the simple idea of nvidia 'doing the honorable thing' or 'releasing code' had me laughing immediately.


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