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Hey peeps
i've recently installed manjaro kde and installed nvidia drivers via the tutorial ([HowTo] Set up PRIME (output offload) with NVIDIA proprietary driver) but when i complete the install and reboot i start up with a black screen wich stays so forever, is there another tutorial or am i doing something wrong?
EDIT: this is really urgent as my windows shut gave up and i was planning to switch anyway so i guess this is the time

Do you have laptop or desktop? Can you set only discrete GPU in BIOS?

sorry i forgot to mention, i have a laptop (acer aspire 5) and i cannot set the gpu in bios
EDIT: I also use the latest kernel version that comes with manjaro kde 18.1.3 and i try to install the latest 440 nvidia drivers from settings

Good luck it is not an easy task, I am happy I can choose only discrete in BIOS. I was able to make switching working somehow with help here in Manajro forum but was not happy with it so went back to only NVIDIA.
Do you use external monitor?
I was discussing this with dgIt in private chat, I do not know how to make it public it could help others too.

i haven't had any problems before the kernel 5 update but now i do, so it's kernel related... i can downgrade but it would be the same if i just go back to windows that f's up every other week because the latest kernel gave me better perfomance while gaming and i do not have an external monitor only the integrated laptop screen

Please provide some more information, best start with:

inxi -Fxxxza --no-host

See this post on how you can provide good information:

It might be worth trying different ACPI arguments:

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lets check your current setup, if you uninstalled or reinstalled drivers via MHWD then new .conf files would of likely been created and those conf files will conflict with the ones you created when setting up PRIME.

post output as preformatted text (3 backtics ``` above and below terminal output or just use the </> button when pasting.

inxi -Fxxxza --no-host
mhwd -li
ls -laR /etc/X11 ; cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/*.conf
ls -la /etc/modprobe.d ; cat /etc/modprobe.d/*.conf
ls -la /etc/modules-load.d ; cat /etc/modules-load.d/*.conf
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i wish i could but i can't really give that information when i have a black screen... can't even boot into text terminal or whatever that is called

Can you boot a live-environment? You can run that inxi command there and check the folders and files @dglt advice you to. You just have to mount your root-filesystem and append the path to the mountpoint of your root-filesystem before etc

I'll do it tommorrow i've honestly had enough of this for today and i'm tired i'll make the iso again and reinstall manjaro because i've changed distro atm so i could do some work

The perk of having live usb is that you can chroot into your installation even when it's completely broken and then repair it.

However, if it's GPU that is failing, you should be able to log in into tty. Try hitting ctrl+alt+f2 or f3 or f4, etc. Usually when graphics is failing, X session can't start but the system beneath is working, but you had to know how to access it. If you just wait, the black screen will stay forever.

I know i'm late but here are the command outputs you need i really hope i could get a solution because i really need the propietary gpu drivers20191216_235143 20191216_235226

since it's been a month, answer these so were on the same page

do you currently have manjaro installed?

since your outputs are from a live usb, are you able to boot to a desktop?

if it's not yet installed, boot into any mode that works free, nonfree, doesnt matter. just get it installed and up to date and then you can change the drivers easily.

I currently have manjaro KDE installed booting into a black screen without my fans working even.
i'm only able to boot to a desktop when using a live cd not the installed manjaro.
when installing the nvidia drivers (no bumblebee or open source) i also get black screen.

i followed the known tutorial of installing Nvidia prime drivers but boots into black screen so is just installing the drivers by the settings wothout any additionnal modifications to the system.

ok, so your installed and you already attempted to setup prime. when prime doesnt work it's almost always user error and all it takes is a conf file left behind where there shouldnt be and you end up with a black screen.

boot up the manjaro live environment so you have a desktop to work from, connect to wifi/lan, open a terminal and enter

sudo manjaro-chroot -a

if it presents a single option and its " 0 ", just enter " 1 " anyway. this should then drop you to a root # shell on your installed manjaro where you can gather info and make changes.

post these outputs exactly how they, include the command entered with them.

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