Nvidia drivers - black screen - new user in manjaro

Hello! I'm new to Manjаro and have a few questions about nvidia drivers.
First, I want to say that I read almost all the topics, but things are not very clear to me.

I tried installing the nvidia 390 driver but after the restart the screen stays black. I removed it and installed the hybrid driver - I have no problem with it. However, I want to be able to switch between the two cards when I decide and when necessary.

In this line of thought, is this lesson Guide: Install and configure optimus-manager for hybrid GPU setups (Intel/NVIDIA) relevant and would it solve my problems?
I'm sorry, but I'm new to manjaro and linux as a whole.

My other question is related to security boot. In order for the manjaro to work, it must be switched off. is that really the case or am i having some problem?

What exactly did you do to install the driver? Did you do it the Manjaro way with mhwd?


Hi. I install driver by Hardware manager - select, right click and install.
With bumblebeed is work.

Yes, optimus-manager or optimus-switch are meant for hybrid GPUs.

Optimis switch is easier to set and potentially gives less issues when setting it but requires system reboot to switch cards. Optimus manager needs session reload (during which you need to give password since autologin doesn't work during the switch) so it's more convinient but setting it may be harder for some.

I saw users who used the guide and it all worked well, others made some small errors and got issues, so it's very important to follow it carefully.

If your system works just create a system backup (with timeshift or other chosen backup program) before starting to mess with graphics.

I followed everything in the manual and everything went smoothly and without problems. Thank you :невинен:!

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