Nvidia drivers disabled second monitor?

Hi there, I recently installed Manjaro on my gaming laptop, and I wanted to install the latest Nvidia drivers since I have a GTX card. I used the command:

"$ sudo mhwd -a pci nonfree 0300"

I installed the drivers, and then restarted. As soon as I rebooted, my second monitor wasn't showing any video, it just detected my main laptop screen. Did I do something wrong when installing my drivers? How do i fix this?


The command you used is correct, but sometimes you need an extra step, that is unknown till we know the exact setup you have there.
Based on the generic information you provided, i would speculate that you have to follow this guide:

Yeap, @bogdancovaciu is right. Your laptop has hybrid GPU so the default installed and configured drivers are in hybrid mode (desktop runs on Intel, Nvidia is only on demand by running an app with prime-run). Hybrid mode in current Nvidia drivers doesn't support multimonitors.

If you wait long enough, 450xx line of drivers does have multimonitor support on hybrid setup, but it's unsure when it will be available in Manjaro's MHWD. In meantime, you need to use optimus-manager or optimus-switch.

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After following that guide you linked me, my monitor is back up and running! thank you for linking me that guide, helped a lot and now my games run good too!

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