Nvidia Geforce GT 130M (340.xx driver version)

In my HP HDX-18 notebook there is an built in Nvidia Geforce GT 130M graphics card. The support for the Linux Nvidia driver 340.xx by Nvidia will end at the end of 2019. My question: Manjaro has the option to select different kernels running with Manjaro. How long does Manjaro support LTS kernel releases and what's about the long term support for dkms modules for Nvidia in Manjaro?

My idea is that I will use an older Kernel with the appropriate dkms modules for Nvidia 340.xx as long as possible to avoid throwing away my notebook.

Will be "nouveau" driver better for NVidia with the kernel 5.1.x series?

Thank you.

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Please post more info so we can help you better.

This is an general question and a little bit abstract and so it's a question belonging to many architectures. A special hardware list is not necessary.

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