NVIDIA HDMI Audio to external monitor not working when NVIDIA proprietary driver is used


Sorry if this is long winded….

First let me say .. I tend to distro hop, I like to try different flavors of Linux. But I always seem to come back to Manjaro after a day or 2 of playing with other distros. Most of the others have there good points but seem to always be lacking in something that Manjaro gives me. So great job Manjaro Distro Group - you are making me become a single distro user.

I am to lazy to spin up my own Arch install, plus I like the fact that Manjaro is on the edge but waits a few weeks before rolling out the latest and greatest packages. I want to be on the edge, but not the bleeding edge.

I have not had a Manjaro install break on me because of an update. If they do break because I do something totally dumb and break it myself.

Now on to my problem.

I have done lots of searches but nothing that I can find seems to have been able to fix my issue as of yet. I do believe others are having similar issues. , because I see similar questions with no answer that seems to work for me. Maybe I am just blind and there is a simple fix staring me in the face.

I am using Manjaro 19.02 KDE

I have issues with HDMI audio coming through my NVIDIA GPU – I am using a RTX 2060 mobile GPU that is setup using Optimus-Manager-qt and the supplied walk through on this forum.
Guide: Install and configure optimus-manager for hybrid GPU setups (Intel/NVIDIA) .

The Optimus manager works and I can switch back and forth between the Gpu’s with no issues.

I know the hardware is good in this laptop because If I use Ubuntu 20.04 – The NVIDIA GPU passes both the video and the audio to the external monitor. – so I know the hardware is working as it should.

When I boot to a Manjaro 19.02 KDE USB – I can see the HDMI audio as a device in the volume tray. When I do a fresh install of Manjaro – I can see the HDMI audio as a device for audio – so long as I am using the Nouveau driver. But when I use this driver my external monitors (3) will not turn on and be usable.

Once I install the NVIDIA 435xx or higher driver – (and some tweaking with the Optimus manager) All my external monitors work – one monitor is directly connected on HDMI - 0 and 2 others through the laptop display ports (3) total external monitors. The video is clean, fast and using the correct NVIDIA card. But the HDMI audio device disappears as a usable audio device once the NVIDIA proprietary driver is used.

When you run Pulse Audio Volume Control and look at the configuration tab you can see lots of HDMI connections that should be able to be used. But they all show unavailable.

I have tried multiple kernels and multiple NVIDIA drivers to try and get the sound working through HDMI. (but no luck)

As of right now I am running kernel 5.5.7-1 and NVIDIA-435xx-prime driver version. I have tried 440xx on a different install of Manjaro on the same laptop. (nothing changed still the same issue) I am more then willing on updating to 440xx if needed, but when I try to update through the Hardware Configuration GUI that ships with Manjaro. I get a that there is a error because another version is installed. - and I if try to uninstall the old version I get that it can’t remove the old version because there is a kernel module that it is using. Yeah catch 22 kind of thing.

I have not done much research on this driver update issue as of yet. And figured I would once someone says that I have to update to get sound working :slight_smile:

Does anyone have an idea on how to get audio out of this HDMI connection?

Much appreciated on any help that anyone can give. If someone needs outputs from commands etc.. just let me know what to run and ill post them up.


I can't help with audio but to update drivers switch to intel mode then remove 435xx series through MHWD (Hardware Configuration in Manjaro Settings) and install a newer one, in this case video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-440xx-prime.

Of course, do a backup before. 440 series is long term support line, while 435 is beta so it's best to use 440xx one.

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