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Hi. Nam å ubuntu iser who is thinking of watching over to Manjaro, i just have a fra question. Om ubuntu it's very easy to install nvidia drivere for optimus. And to remove the screen tearing, also it's easy to go in to profiler and fix the dual monitor resolution so both screens can have high resolution.

I have read alot about manjaro and these things but i have been unabled to find good answers. I think there are three different metodes in Manjaro?

Does manjaro have the same nvidia setting as ubuntu so it's easy to change the gpu? And fixing the screen tearing?

For me pacman looks like a mess using the console, but i guess it's just a issue about learning the commands and find the solution.

I am sorry, i am using a mobile phone with autocorrect and i can't find the edit Button on the thread

It depends on the specific hardware you have.
Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it needs a utility to be installed, sometimes it needs you to apply a series of instructions. Then it's the forum support.
Have you checked the optimus FAQ?



Ok, thanks for answer, so my only option is using optimus-manager, i think thats what closes to nvidia-settings in Ubuntu and thats what work flawless on that distro.

When i have installed Manjaro i am sure i am going to use this forum alot!

The thing is: when you have hybrid GPU laptop, be sure to choose non-free type of drivers on USB live and install. Manjaro will by default install nvidia proprietary drivers with bumblebee and intel drivers.

So by default when you start the laptop for the first time after install you will be using intel drivers but the nvidia driver will be there as well, but accessible through bumblebee (if it works right, for many it doesn't). So you don't need to install any drivers, they are all there already installed.

However, you can configure it manually and choose different (better) options like optimus-switch (easier to setup but needs system reboot to switch GPUs) or optimus-manager (have tray icon to manage the settings and the switch itself, while the GPU change requires only session reload, so no reboot needed, but there is a bit more configuration and more possible issues for some users).

You can check out my optimus-manager tutorial:

Please, do a system backup (like with timeshift) before doing any driver related changes! This way you could easily revert to previous state and start anew or try different solution. Some changes are hardly reversible in manual way (optimus-manager introduce many deep level changes that you won't be able control on your own, although theoretically it should reverse those on uninstall but it's better be prepared in case it won't do that correctly).

Thanks, this was great!. How is the screen tearing? Is it possible to use the same fix (modprobe) as ubuntu?

As far I know it should work, although I'm not sure if the pathways will be the same as on Ubuntu, but if you find the file, the rest is the same.

If you could give us the details of that manual fix, we could check if those files exist in Manajro.

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