Nvidia Prime vs Optimus-manager

see here for Optimus


If your HDMI is linked with your nvidia card, you will need to use the nvidia gpu to use your external monitor. I assume your computer is plugged when using the external monitor so power consumption might not be an issue.
Actually optimus manager saved my life, I can use the full power of my laptop now in a very simple and practical way, and save power when moving in very efficient way.
With prime, which i used, you only get the full power, so if you need to use your laptop in a mobile way, it's not the right choice IMHO.
Optimus manager rocks !!!!

I was running Prime on my last install and was thinking to try optimus-manager this time. However, I am running gnome, and the wiki says its broken. Is anyone using this with gnome?

I did a little more reading and it seems that the GDM issue has been fixed. I am a little confused on what driver I need to install to run optimus-manager though. Right now I just have the open-source "video-linux driver installed. Do I nedd to uninstall that and install something else or do I just install optimus-manager?

it uses the video-nvidia driver, when switched to nvidia it would work as prime would work and when off would only use the integrated gpu. there is also a tutorial from optimus-manager here on the forum, may be the same author, idk

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The tutorial

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Sorry, I read through the tutorial but am still a little unclear. Does that mean I need to install the nvidia driver with the video-linux driver?

BTW, did you switch to using this method or are you still using the Prime method?

Actually it's better to rely on info provided in the project's README because it is kept up-to-date by the author himself.

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prime works great for me, no switching needed, no logging out/in but preference depends on the user. i usually dont travel with my optimus laptop so squeezing every bit of battery life out of it is not my main concern, performance is so i use the prime method. if i were concerned more about battery then maybe i would use optimus manager, either way i think im gonna setup optimus-manager for educational curiosity and to see first hand how it works but most likely i'll just revert back to prime afterwards with timeshift. who knows, maybe i wont, i havent read too much into optimus-manager yet so im not sure.

It's unclear to me: can I use it with bumblebee? Meaning, when I'm on intel normal bumblebee behavior kicks in, when on nvidia... well... no bumblebee needed.

Thanks for your reply. I gave optimus-manager a try and got a black screen. This computer is mostly a desktop so I decided to run prime again. Thank you for all of the help helping me get prime running. It only take like 5 minutes now to run through those commands.

so you have prime setup and working or you anticipate it will be working soon?
if its the latter, take your time and be thorough, notice the drop-downs the have the content that needs to go inside the files your creating, and only follow the directions for your particular desktop manager (gdm is gnomes default DM) when you get to step 5.

It's working. After your help last time, this time was a breeze. Mine still doesn't say modeset-1 as you mentioned before, but it seems to work fine.

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optimus-manager with video-linux and video-nvidia it's work?

Running optimus-manager seems to risky before clearing all the doubts. So far I have no idea if it will run on regular bumblebee proprietary setup. Info is fine but still lacking.

From the linked tutorial

If you have bumblebee installed on your system, uninstall it or at least make sure the bumblebeed service is disabled. Finally, make sure the bbswitch module is not loaded at boot time (check /etc/modules-load.d/).
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Thanks. I red it twice and didn't see it somehow... ;p
So basically it looks like we should switch to Prime first, make sure if it's working and then install optimus-manager.

I kinda hoped that it would magically set all things correctly with mhwd since it's in Manjaro repos but I suspected that it won't be the case, so I had to be sure. So installing on bumblebee would rather cause conflicts and make system unbootable.

I wish that mhwd introduced support for this package or even integrated it so it would be capable of switching between bumblebee and prime with switcher automatically.

EDIT: @philm, can you consider integrating mhwd with optimus-manager so we could finally choose between bumblebee and switchable prime in an automated way? Too many people are messing with gpu drivers and wasting their systems and ubuntu-land newcomers expect to have something like that, which isn't a bad idea considering that Steam Play needs vulkan while bumblebee doesn't support it.


no, you can be on your loaded bumblebee setup at the same time as uninstalling bumblebee and installing video-linux and video-nvidia and then following the optimus-manager tutorial(pay close attention to removing the gpu related files/modules in the directories or cp them. just dont reboot until your sure you followed all the steps or you'll end up with issues.

it didn't work for me. I ended up getting a blank screen at reboot so I decided to go with the prime option which works for me.

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