Nvidia Prime vs Optimus-manager

Thanks. I red it twice and didn't see it somehow... ;p
So basically it looks like we should switch to Prime first, make sure if it's working and then install optimus-manager.

I kinda hoped that it would magically set all things correctly with mhwd since it's in Manjaro repos but I suspected that it won't be the case, so I had to be sure. So installing on bumblebee would rather cause conflicts and make system unbootable.

I wish that mhwd introduced support for this package or even integrated it so it would be capable of switching between bumblebee and prime with switcher automatically.

EDIT: @philm, can you consider integrating mhwd with optimus-manager so we could finally choose between bumblebee and switchable prime in an automated way? Too many people are messing with gpu drivers and wasting their systems and ubuntu-land newcomers expect to have something like that, which isn't a bad idea considering that Steam Play needs vulkan while bumblebee doesn't support it.


no, you can be on your loaded bumblebee setup at the same time as uninstalling bumblebee and installing video-linux and video-nvidia and then following the optimus-manager tutorial(pay close attention to removing the gpu related files/modules in the directories or cp them. just dont reboot until your sure you followed all the steps or you'll end up with issues.

it didn't work for me. I ended up getting a blank screen at reboot so I decided to go with the prime option which works for me.

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