NVMe access crashing Pinebook Pro running 19.12

When running Manjaro ARM 19.12 on my Pinebook Pro if the OS so much as winks at the NVMe drive it halts and the power light flashes orange then green.

It didn't start happening immediately after installing 19.12 fresh onto the eMMC. It first happened when I went to Hardware Configuration. I figured out that is was the NVMe drive after I tried to run KDE Partition Manager and it halted on a screen saying it was reading the NVMe drive. Disconnecting the NVMe drive resolves any issues.

To ensure that it was Manjaro ARM and not the hardware I ran Debian Desktop from an SD Card where I can modify the partition table, format/mount partitions and edit data on my NVMe drive without any issues.

Is there anything I can try or information I can provide that would help with troubleshooting this issue?

Thanks in advance

I don't know how much NVME support is in the kernel yet, but @tsyseu would know that.

Noticed this as well. Sometimes the NVMe would work but it was too unstable and ended up removing my NVMe for now.

Ok. I've looked through the post on Contributing to Manjaro-ARM. It all seems fairly straight-forward, so if there is something I can do to help with this I would be happy to give it a shot.

I'm having the same issue with a Samsung 970 unit. I can partition it, but trying to mkfs a filesystem, results in a hang.

Samsung 970 is heavily cached by DRAM so it uses a lot of power. My guess is that PBP cannot provide enough current to the drive.

Ugh, that would be a shame - and I did see some instructions in the wiki about how to turn the power level down - but that didn't seem to help. Nor did it seem to help the guy who could use Debian kernel.
If I get time, I'll try a differnet OS and if it works, report back.

Does it work on the default Debian install?

Just tried, and same issue. Dang, guess we need to start collating which SSDs can work.
On the upside, at least my problem set is reduced to just suspend not working :wink:

This makes me think it's more of a general uboot issue really.

No, it gets beyond that I think. Its noticeable that if there are no filesystems on the NVMe, then the boot succeeds. Create the file systems and you get a crash - presumably because there's more access going on during the boot.
Hard to be sure, but on Debian I get the 'Open Sesame' splash screen and then it stops sometime after that. With Manjaro, I get the spinning dots, and sometime after that the power light goes hard red (which does not happen under Debian) and then there is nothing more.

I would search for some dramless NVMe drive. Take a look at this test --> https://www.legitreviews.com/mydigitalssd-sbx-512gb-nvme-ssd-review_206201/7

MyDigitalSSD draws almost 50% less power than Samsung EVO 970 Pro. I think this is the way to go.

We started on the Pine64 wiki and a GDoc started to keep track of drives, as well as some more specifics than the wiki table shows.

Please feel welcome to contribute to both/either!

Couldn't see how to create an account on teh wiki, so if you can add:

Samsung 970 Evo 1TB (hardware MZ-V7E1T0BW) does not work.

The wiki account is your Pine forum account.

D'oh - never occured. Thanks. Edited.

That's strange, I'm using the closely related 970 EVO Plus (250GB) and I have no issues in Debian Desktop. I've added it to the wiki.

Curious. Does your setup work in Manjaro? I may have a different one to test with today.

250GB drive for sure will be using less power than the 1TB. In case of Evo 970 Plus (250GB) it's 1,8W less during write than 1TB.


tophneal (over on /r/Pine64Official) claims the limit is 2.5w, so given that, the 250GB is still too much...

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